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Sweet dreams, try this medicine to sleep tonight. Guided meditation to help even out your chakras.


Here is some humor to your day. To those of you that meditate and don’t mind a little adult entertainment here you go.

The twist of my mind is very massive as of this moment. My next move, like an experienced chess player, has to be strategic.  My next move has to be smart. My next move has to be for my sanity and my heart. But my next move could be wrong.. my next move could change things.. the next move could take my happy away.. my next move could be the move that takes me forward but this move could also bring me down. What is my next move?

Meditation has helped this Paladin when times needed to be handled. Relying on your inner senses to choose the best course of action. Heres a video I tried this morning that could assit you in your process Chavez 🙂
Love you bud.

This facebook post was raw and intriguing! I felt it would resonate with my readers on a deeper level. Those that are sensitive to our environmental influences can use this advice to see your worth. Building your self-esteem should be high on the priority list. Let this young woman inspire you to push beyond your hypothetical limits.

We enjoy her and hope you do as well
Naturopathic Paladin

Reader advisory; strong language

“Maybe you should stop and think about your actions and the potential negativity you spread as a result of your happiness.”

…That’s something I was “told” today after stating how important it is to remain a good person even when people fuck you over…

I found this statement to be quite interesting.. Who’d have thought trying to be a good person, was nothing short of a bad thing?..

The small mindedness of people fuckin amazes me… Lets just get some shit straight, the only thing wrong with this world, is the shitty people who hurt others and make bullshit excuses for themselves.

HOLD YOUR GODDAMN SELVES ACCOUNTABLE AND BE A DECENT FUCKING HUMAN BEING. Being a shitty person, is a choice. Just as being a happy, loving and all around good person is…

So, in light of the backlash and all around bullshit I’ve received in the past couple days, I’d like to highlight my “negativity inducing ignorance” and push back against the bullshit… I’d like to push back against the shitty people of the world… I’d like to extend a little bit of love. I’d like to spread a little fuckin positivity…

Anyone can hurt someone. Anyone can be a bad person… But It takes someone special to do and be good. It takes someone special to put forth the effort to make the world a better place, no matter how seemingly small the effort is..

People are gonna knock you down, do your best to leave them behind and focus on the good… You can still do good. You can still be good…

You, YES YOU, are beautiful beyond measure…
And you, YES YOU have the power to be better than those who have wronged you…

Middle fingers up, yo. Good people are of value… Be of value…

Are you struggling at showing people you care about that you really do care. Start listening to them in a new way. This Ted talk really helps the mind explore some of the other perspectives to life, the people you talk to. So next time you have a moment with another human. Learn to listen fully and with an open mind. Maybe you will get past some road blocks that have hindered you before. Take a stand and be there for someone. Who knows maybe one day you may need someone to listen to you. Many blessings world and I hope this video helps you in your healing 🙂

The Naturopathic Paladin

Want to learn more about being mindful? Look at some of out other posts on Simple way to be more Mindful.

Promoate Mindfulness in Schools!

Take 7 mins to be more mindful.


Do you stuggle with being in your own skin? Are you happy with yourself and where your life is taking you?
Take the time to get to knownyourself before you try to make someone else get to know you. Understand your needs and wants thru self observation. Every step you take at being more mindful is a step closer to freedom from your mind. The world is full of mean and terrible people and things. Be the change you want to see in the world. Many blessings and I hope this helps you on your journey.

Want to learn more about being mindful? Look at some of out other posts on Simple way to be more Mindful.

Promoate Mindfulness in Schools!

Take 7 mins to be more mindful.

This guy breaks it down simple for a person who struggles with meditation. He shows small ways to start paying attention more to the small details in life. I really recommend this video for anyone wanting to be more mindful.

Take the steps to be better 🙂

Mindfulness in Schools

Posted: April 27, 2016 in Mindfulness
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This Ted Youth talk was very powerful when it comes to solving the problems of the future thru our children. If your a parent and would love to learn a new approach please enjoy this video.

These videos seem to be finding me left and right. They are doing wonders in my world and I love to share.
Taking time out of your day to do absolutely nothing will prove to be your favorite past time once you learn about the benefits. TED offers many mindfulness videos and short lectures. You can always come here to see what the Naturopathic Paladin is learning today. 🙂

Its time to get serious about mindful meditation! Its a new revolutionary healing tool that has been in plain sight for thousands of years. Now scientists are confirming that meditation makes you smarter, faster and stronger then the competition. The mental health benefits have way surpassed what medications could ever do.
Try it out for yourself!
Get on youtube and find a great guided meditation. Start practicing and overtime gain control of your thoughts. Those thoughts are what build our existence. Namaste!