My Life

Posted: June 13, 2015 in Trend

The crazy things I have done in my life that if a person caught would be labeled as bad and a screw up. But I never was caught in the net that could have grabbed me many times before. The protection from my angels I have over my body is extremely appreciated. Many people could recall a time were their life should have ended or gone to jail. I think if you have not had those experiences few times in your life, you not living. Sounds like fear has overtaken the souls of many then they bowed down to that feat. Letting it get the best of them and becoming like the rest of them. Lost in a sea of negative thoughts and overwhelmed with false emotions. One point in my life I had not  an idea how to handle the excess energy when it came around. When I was pumped and motivated, I dance my little heart out. But in times of hardship I would retreat and lick my wounds in solitude. That emotional state was putting off energy, but I was not exercising it the right way. Learning the ways of journalism have helped me express things without having to have an ear to steal for selfish realizations. My Life is a joyous one.


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