The Rainbow Gathering Perspective

Posted: July 15, 2015 in Adventure, love, Rainbow gathering, Travel
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Well the journey was to begin and all we had been our love to bring. Having no idea what to expect we journey thru the states as we wonder to the black hills of South Dakota. These hills we seek are full of hippys loaded with love and joy. The experience we seek will be at every bend of the trails as we venture into the lands of Rainbow. The venture begins with a Welcome home and a lot of smiles. Every person we met in the beginning was packed full of love. They had a story to share and a heart to explore. One must take the time and spend it  with an open ear. Pressing to be here and now while giving our attention to who speaks.rainbow

It was  a 3 mile hike with a new venture at every turn. A new smile with a story to tell. These stories built up after years of being on the road. You could see it in their hands and feel it with their words. Using words I have never heard of before that obviously were learned from time on the trail. I was left baffled by the endurance and acceptance I saw in everyone’s heart. Hearing some of the funnest things and craziest feats. I knew this was a place I could call home and treat them like family. Never did I want to leave. At this moment peace had found me.

Adventure after adventure I trekked the mountain of love. Meeting new faces and learning new ways of living life. The simple way of working as a team to get the life we deserve. As I was venturing down the path towards the camps I met a girl who needed help with packing food to her nearby camp. A bit of a walk with a ton of buckets lead me right to a family who had much to offer. This family welcomed me with a bottle of whiskey that made me remember why I don’t drink. I accepted with gratitude and loved the acceptance of me. You all made me feel so free. I had no choice to be anything but me.

I found myself not wanting. I was not wanting anything this world had to offer. I had it all right before me as I stared at the tepees in the valley. I had it all right before me and one must only reach out and grasp the love this place had to offer.

11707670_1123193064362661_2071848831588114930_nI met a friend named Caleb who wanted some company as he ventured to his camp. He had just arrived late at night, lonely as could be. I joined him in his journeys and became quite close during our time. He shared his stories and his gear. He made it very clear that I was meant to be here. His presence filled my soul and reminded me to be joyous where I am. After we shared, I departed.Rainbow gathering tent

Walking down the path once more, I stumble upon a fire. At this fire I met a friend that changed my mind. Lucy changed my mind on what I like and what I want. Having bartered a lemon drop for a peck on the cheek. It really made me feel complete. I got a chance to be a gentleman and venture thru the woods. Her plans were to relocated to a new spot a mile away. Her bags were large and heavy, but I packed them out just like a big old Chevy.

Coffee mafia was the name of the camp we seeked. When it was found I took a look around and noticed the sound. Quite and free with tons of coffee, We roasted a marshmallow and this girl busted out a cello. The music was pure and gifted from the heart. The voice made me think how I would change my life in a blink. Let me just flush it down the sink, I already took a big drink. Life was so simple with every ripple.It was ment to be, but it took me a while to see. This is the place for me. Paint with all the colors of the rainbow pocahontas said to thee.

I want it simple and therefore it was. I needed a friend to open my eyes to the world inside. Teach me the ways as I try not to gaze. Those brown eyes never made me hide. Loaded with stories and filled with charisma. This place could never make me sick ma! I craved more and refused to let it end. I pushed thru the night to a sunny smile. Boy did it last a while. I felt the heat as I sat on my seat. I once again refused to miss a beat. The drums were roaring and my dreams were soaring. Naked they danced around the fire/ Why you ask? Cause it was their desire.

10414582_1123193147695986_2104713331310840525_nThis place filled the void and brought the desire. The rules were simple that no one knew, just be true. I thought there would be just a few being true. I found it a challenge to find anyone who was not proud of who they were. Walking with beautiful people who had rocking ethics. You showed me ways to love deeper and on a more profound unconditional level. The connections formed thru this experience  will be forever lasting ones. The Last hugs said it all. (Sad face)

One morning while strolling  down a trial for trades I bumped into several traders who had many gemstones and trinkets alike. Many were offering wire wrapping and other gear for camping. From flash lights to pipes, these guys would trade anything in sight. This gave me an idea to make a reef necklace from a plant called yarrow. Achilles used yarrow to heal the wounds of his men while they fought. They used it after battles to help clear the mind of negative emotions and thoughts as a tea. Used by monks in many meditation practices. These little reefs became quite popular within the tribes. Having several people approach me to trade for these yarrow necklaces. This Lady Named Jennifer loved the one I was wearing and offered to trade  for a Henna tattoo tube that she brought from india. I was in a immediate agree on the transaction. From india!?! I Super cool trade I thought for something that took me 20 mins and some plants I picked off the trail.

Things were always there when you needed them. At dinner time the family gathered in the center of the tepees. We sat in circles, one inside of the others. This allowed a server to transport a large food bin around the circle where everyone was sitting with dinner plates ready. The organic food was so authentic my taste buds did not know what to do! Have experienced some new and amazing foods such as a zu-zu. Peanut butter and cream cheese whipped up on a bagel… Seriously I need more of that in my life. Then I was handed a deep fried deviled egg and at that moment my life was complete. Good company and good food. The food was always available when you were hungry. Soup time kitchen camp was offering soup 24/7. I can’t express how cool it was to get soup at 430 in the morning. Walking at a slow pace enjoying the sun rise with a warm cup of soup in my hand.

rainbow gathering kitchinThat morning stroll made me think, “Man! I’m in South Dakota enjoying a sunrise”. The sky was different from my home state of Idaho. I never saw any planes or satellites floating around. I imagine there is not a lot to watch in these lands of the Lakota. You could feel the freedom to think with the lack of cell phone towers blocking out your connection with the universe. You saw the magic every time you needed something and it magically appeared. Those who have gone to festivals know what I speak of to a point. Places filled with love seem to provide abundance. But this gathering was nothing like a festival. It was real and authentic.

The music shared with my ears was directly from the drum or guitar. The voices that sang were of such pure spirit that it left me wanting more and less of modern tunes. I feel like I need to learn a instrument to contribute to the beauty on the mountain. The sounds  filled the air at night. The drums called your name to attend. I sat amongst others and meditated on the sounds and feeling the energy build.

When the sun arose I was handed a yummy treat of deep-fried deviled eggs. Holy yum… Like wowsers! “This was the life!” I thought to myself. The love these people shared was not changed stranger to stranger. It was so unconditional I at times did not know how to accept so much love and gifts.10985369_1123193024362665_8678718266019862906_n

This was a heart changing experience that I would recommend to anyone who is wanting to feel at home. To feel accepted and at peace with who you are. Everyone was loving everyone. Thank you so much for feeding me and keeping me entertained with natural love my Rainbow family. You all are beautiful people and all of us deserve each other.

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