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Noticing the changes

Posted: February 22, 2017 in joy, love, Self-Help, Self-Love

Living out our lives day by day and hour by hour. We dont see our changes that happen daily within our soul until we get that chance. That chance to have something to compare it too… difficult concept. Comparing yourself to a prior self and being able to notice the changes. Don’t ever compare yourself to others use yourself as a reference. 

How the heck do we look at ourselves in that prior mindset with the mindset we currently have? 

I believe we have two options and maybe more. But the ones that have worked for me so far;

Journaling — this gives me something to look back upon seeing a date and time remembering my emotions then. Most of the time when I use this method I end up staring at what I wrote and just off shocked where my mindset was at the time. After doing this several times I realized just how crazy I am. Sometimes it’s best to Journal and not let the world be exposed to things you can handle in your own mind.

Outside Support—  I recently had a chance to spend time with somebody who’s known me almost going on a decade. All the things my friend told me of the way I’ve acted in the past leave me in awe and shock. Disappointed in my prior self, but proud of this new me. When somebody who cares has known you a long time you can use this resource to better yourself. Ask them things that you could do to be a better person or better the relationship. Learn to vocalize your needs and emotions in a productive manner.

Cant do it all alone

We cant do this thing called life alone. Even with the Journaling tool. We still have a need to connect, a need to be understood, a need to feel wanted and appreciated. We can appreciate ourselves and we should!  But when someone else does it, it creates magic in my heart. Sparks a fire and ignites my world.  Do you let those around you know how appreciated they are? Make sure they do. Sometimes we forget to tell them and assume they know. As humans… we need to express that to each other.

Be open

When you ask for someones opinion. Keep in mind. That is THIER opinion. You can not argue with a opinion of someone. That is theirs to keep and mold as they please. We all have that right in life. But their opinion does not have to become your own. We have the power to better our selves and only the few will ever take advantage of that. When you start noticing the transition from boy to man or girl to woman.. You can take pride in your changes. Taking pride will boost self confidence and keep you grounded when others attempt to untack you from your goals. Be strong and vigilant as well transgress through our day!  


Keith… you get me today… :)

Posted: February 20, 2017 in love, Music, Trend

One persons trash is anothers persons treasure. Unfortunately we treat our relations with others in this manner. When we feel like someone’s trash let’s  think of how many people are happy you became single. Hence you become a new treasure!

Now what about when we are single? What should we do to maintian sanity?

I know somethings that never were beneficial;
Hunting– term used to find potential partners at a bar or event.
Looking for love in general has never been very profitable. The love we seek seems to just happen at the drop of a dime on a randomized day. Unpredictable in nature, but just as beautiful as nature when it blooms.
Facebook trolling/scrolling- wasting most of the day trying to connect with people I never was ment to connect with.
Random messages- Seriously think of how many messages girls/guys get from creepy individuals, alot. This also has not been a good investment of energy.
Getting Butt Hurt- when you send this random message and she/he does not respond. Don’t be a rude and blame them for your insecurities.
Naughty pictures- a warning to both genders, others will see your goodies. Girls are even starting to post the penis pictures to facebook. Best not to EVER do this.

Depression/crazy- if she/he dont respond to your messages or you have issues with how fast they respond. You need to be single. See below, how to build a lofe to be proud of. See how long your depression lasts when you accomplish some goals.

Being single gives you more time to mature as an adult and to properly get to know who you are and what you actually want in life… Both single and taken have their pros and cons. But no matter what you’re feeling on your single status, one thing remains true: you are free. This freedom seems like eternal prison sometimes, but its good for you to grow without relationship influence. Learn what you love, discover your goals and ambitions, and write down your priorities.

Tackling the world may seem like a never ending task,  cause it is until you die. Get used to handling stress and trials on your own. Building this confidence up is nothing but sexy to those who pursue you in the shadows. We all have secret admirers that have been too shy to speak up. Keep that in mind when you feel like a lonely little duck. Keep pushing thru life building your empire of your dreams. Pursuing your life goals will attract the right energy you need to succeed.

Sometimes we fall in love and its nothing but a toxic relationship. Energy draining and consumed by negitive emotions. How can one succeed? Dont keep anything that does not nourish your soul, hold fast to all that does.


Build a life to be proud of
Do you play the guitar? Maybe learn so you can share.
Write poetry? Don’t be scared to share
Are you a history nut? Expand your knowledge deeper.
Do you volunteer? Kindness is sexy.

My point is to learn something… learn something you can teach or share with your partner.
Don’t be boring,  get some hobbies.

Are you ready to date?
Do you have income?
Know how to love?
Know yourself?
Know your boundaries?
Are you happy being alone?
Do you need someone or want someone?

When one or more of these is lacking, chances are your better off without the distraction until you gain control of your life.

Being single is a great time to be you! So many options!

If your recently single and wondering “what the hell happened?”  You or your partner were lacking. Self-healing starts at self-respect, self-reliance and self-love. You attract the energy you put out, be wise to your energy investments and don’t be self-loathing.wp-1467331473224.jpg


Self-hatred (also called self-loathing) refers to an extreme dislike or hatred of oneself, or being angry at or even prejudiced against oneself.

If you dont love yourself, no one else will either.

Be strong my readers, hope you enjoyed this 🙂


Naturopathic Paladin

Dreading seeing you because I have to leave. Dreading the moment our lips part  during our final kiss. My wee little heart is gonna burst into tears and resort to tons of beers! My spring has been loaded with smiles of joy. Thank you for running with love and not looking back.  Trusting your heart and openly loving. Scary moments when you realised you fell for my smile made me fall deeper for your soul. Trust me, this spiritual spiral is intense for me as well. But ill give anything to hold on to these butterflies.

So now I depart this desert Oasis and soon return to my sea. My sea of joy and harbor full of peace. Spinning fire on the beach and running in the rain. Drinking my coffee every morning as I watch them off load today’s catch. This peace is hard to compete and the sea lions never miss their beat. One day I will return, untill then ill keep spinning this love churn 🙂



That moment you see it, the sparkle in her eye. It takes you away, to places unknown. Love is flying blind like a drone. I keep reaching for my phone,  thinking I heard my ringtone. Just find myself craving that wealth. She power pulled my love off the shelf.  Decided she’s good for my health. So ill stick around in this old town. Baby you’ll never frown when Im around. Dont worry about being stuck in the lost and found. Promise your heart will be safe and sound. Stick around, my love knows no bounds.

My angel eyes, the gorgeous dreamboat, my honey bunny, the sunny Treasure of the day. Every moment I want to say “hey!”
Gonna Grab you,  gonna snag you up! Gonna be my buttercupp. You’ll be saying “hey whats up?” But when your alone scrolling on your phone,  throw me a bone. I love hard like a stone and funnel it into a cone. You can tell by the love in my tone and the dropping of my jaw bone.

You got my heart and the taste aint tart. Your My cuddle cake that sure ain’t fake. Cleaned my heart up like a good old rake. But if your gonna take it, you better make it. Just love and shake n bake it.

Im cheesy but she sees so much in me. Feels my heart and squeezes me. Im tripping you see, like a drunk bee.  Not sure what u did to me, I can barely even see. Swaying in the wind like a big old tree. Reaching my branches

to thee. Baby grab on and come with me. We can dive into the sea. I’d love to be your captian if just would marry me.

You see what you do to me? Ryhmms to explain how your a dime and ever so fine. You make me wanna grind so I got time. In the meantime, ill go parttime, enjoy your sweet lime.  Enter into my paradigm, listen to my external rhyme its gonna be bad like organized crime. If you think its showtime, just wait till I go into half-time. My ryhmms are like slime that melts you at bed time.

Its late and you got my heart in checkmate. Trying to calculate while I meditate and liberate. Found my soul mate in a pine tree state, what a line of fate.


I never met a wild thing who was sorry for its self. A bird will fall cold dead from abow, without ever having felt sorry for its self.
The movie JI Jane came to mind when ever I feel bad about the mistakes I have committed that leave some shame on my heart. We all make all faults up as we go and allow others to project theirs upon us.

Step 1: Release Fears and Mistakes

Release all your mistakes and look at them as lessons to be learned. Look for the chance to make them up.  You will repeat them again in life till you LEARN the patterns.

Step 2: Don’t be found wanting

In the movie A Knights tale the sane spoke was. ” you have been weighed measure and been found wanting”. You cant wish for the future and be here in the present. Your not respecting the present by being here but wanting to be there. Your Job Now Is The One You Need. Maybe a relationship is not right for you right now. Maybe your wanting is distracting appreciation of the moment.

Step 3:  Be about something.

Have hobbies and interests that you can share with a new friend. Spend some time alone and practice small crafts. Start running or kayak a river. But the idea is to do what what brings you joy that you can share with others. If you’re always looking at the newest artist or doing a unproductive hobby and look at your life wondering why you don’t have any skills. People don’t get good over night at things. They practice for years to become proficient.

Step 4: Be ok with being alone

Most people are searching so bad for a lover that they don’t even know who they are anymore. As we meet a person of interest some of us change and mold into this idea we think that person will like. In the end we seem to fail once those shadows are illuminated. Know more about yourself then you do people and you do thing by journaling. When you start to get lonely, start a bobby that you can meditate with.

Step 5: See the Joys Around You

Simple JOY of playing in the river with children.Simple JOYS of having a intimate conversation with a stranger. Simple JOYS that we had but never accepted. Simple JOY of admiring others talents or abilities. Know what brings you JOY my lovely friends. Smile your little hearts out and be accepted. We are beautiful creatures that are capable of great accomplishments. We have the pleasure of life

Naturopathic Paladin

Well the journey was to begin and all we had been our love to bring. Having no idea what to expect we journey thru the states as we wonder to the black hills of South Dakota. These hills we seek are full of hippys loaded with love and joy. The experience we seek will be at every bend of the trails as we venture into the lands of Rainbow. The venture begins with a Welcome home and a lot of smiles. Every person we met in the beginning was packed full of love. They had a story to share and a heart to explore. One must take the time and spend it  with an open ear. Pressing to be here and now while giving our attention to who speaks.rainbow

It was  a 3 mile hike with a new venture at every turn. A new smile with a story to tell. These stories built up after years of being on the road. You could see it in their hands and feel it with their words. Using words I have never heard of before that obviously were learned from time on the trail. I was left baffled by the endurance and acceptance I saw in everyone’s heart. Hearing some of the funnest things and craziest feats. I knew this was a place I could call home and treat them like family. Never did I want to leave. At this moment peace had found me.

Adventure after adventure I trekked the mountain of love. Meeting new faces and learning new ways of living life. The simple way of working as a team to get the life we deserve. As I was venturing down the path towards the camps I met a girl who needed help with packing food to her nearby camp. A bit of a walk with a ton of buckets lead me right to a family who had much to offer. This family welcomed me with a bottle of whiskey that made me remember why I don’t drink. I accepted with gratitude and loved the acceptance of me. You all made me feel so free. I had no choice to be anything but me.

I found myself not wanting. I was not wanting anything this world had to offer. I had it all right before me as I stared at the tepees in the valley. I had it all right before me and one must only reach out and grasp the love this place had to offer.

11707670_1123193064362661_2071848831588114930_nI met a friend named Caleb who wanted some company as he ventured to his camp. He had just arrived late at night, lonely as could be. I joined him in his journeys and became quite close during our time. He shared his stories and his gear. He made it very clear that I was meant to be here. His presence filled my soul and reminded me to be joyous where I am. After we shared, I departed.Rainbow gathering tent

Walking down the path once more, I stumble upon a fire. At this fire I met a friend that changed my mind. Lucy changed my mind on what I like and what I want. Having bartered a lemon drop for a peck on the cheek. It really made me feel complete. I got a chance to be a gentleman and venture thru the woods. Her plans were to relocated to a new spot a mile away. Her bags were large and heavy, but I packed them out just like a big old Chevy.

Coffee mafia was the name of the camp we seeked. When it was found I took a look around and noticed the sound. Quite and free with tons of coffee, We roasted a marshmallow and this girl busted out a cello. The music was pure and gifted from the heart. The voice made me think how I would change my life in a blink. Let me just flush it down the sink, I already took a big drink. Life was so simple with every ripple.It was ment to be, but it took me a while to see. This is the place for me. Paint with all the colors of the rainbow pocahontas said to thee.

I want it simple and therefore it was. I needed a friend to open my eyes to the world inside. Teach me the ways as I try not to gaze. Those brown eyes never made me hide. Loaded with stories and filled with charisma. This place could never make me sick ma! I craved more and refused to let it end. I pushed thru the night to a sunny smile. Boy did it last a while. I felt the heat as I sat on my seat. I once again refused to miss a beat. The drums were roaring and my dreams were soaring. Naked they danced around the fire/ Why you ask? Cause it was their desire.

10414582_1123193147695986_2104713331310840525_nThis place filled the void and brought the desire. The rules were simple that no one knew, just be true. I thought there would be just a few being true. I found it a challenge to find anyone who was not proud of who they were. Walking with beautiful people who had rocking ethics. You showed me ways to love deeper and on a more profound unconditional level. The connections formed thru this experience  will be forever lasting ones. The Last hugs said it all. (Sad face)

One morning while strolling  down a trial for trades I bumped into several traders who had many gemstones and trinkets alike. Many were offering wire wrapping and other gear for camping. From flash lights to pipes, these guys would trade anything in sight. This gave me an idea to make a reef necklace from a plant called yarrow. Achilles used yarrow to heal the wounds of his men while they fought. They used it after battles to help clear the mind of negative emotions and thoughts as a tea. Used by monks in many meditation practices. These little reefs became quite popular within the tribes. Having several people approach me to trade for these yarrow necklaces. This Lady Named Jennifer loved the one I was wearing and offered to trade  for a Henna tattoo tube that she brought from india. I was in a immediate agree on the transaction. From india!?! I Super cool trade I thought for something that took me 20 mins and some plants I picked off the trail.

Things were always there when you needed them. At dinner time the family gathered in the center of the tepees. We sat in circles, one inside of the others. This allowed a server to transport a large food bin around the circle where everyone was sitting with dinner plates ready. The organic food was so authentic my taste buds did not know what to do! Have experienced some new and amazing foods such as a zu-zu. Peanut butter and cream cheese whipped up on a bagel… Seriously I need more of that in my life. Then I was handed a deep fried deviled egg and at that moment my life was complete. Good company and good food. The food was always available when you were hungry. Soup time kitchen camp was offering soup 24/7. I can’t express how cool it was to get soup at 430 in the morning. Walking at a slow pace enjoying the sun rise with a warm cup of soup in my hand.

rainbow gathering kitchinThat morning stroll made me think, “Man! I’m in South Dakota enjoying a sunrise”. The sky was different from my home state of Idaho. I never saw any planes or satellites floating around. I imagine there is not a lot to watch in these lands of the Lakota. You could feel the freedom to think with the lack of cell phone towers blocking out your connection with the universe. You saw the magic every time you needed something and it magically appeared. Those who have gone to festivals know what I speak of to a point. Places filled with love seem to provide abundance. But this gathering was nothing like a festival. It was real and authentic.

The music shared with my ears was directly from the drum or guitar. The voices that sang were of such pure spirit that it left me wanting more and less of modern tunes. I feel like I need to learn a instrument to contribute to the beauty on the mountain. The sounds  filled the air at night. The drums called your name to attend. I sat amongst others and meditated on the sounds and feeling the energy build.

When the sun arose I was handed a yummy treat of deep-fried deviled eggs. Holy yum… Like wowsers! “This was the life!” I thought to myself. The love these people shared was not changed stranger to stranger. It was so unconditional I at times did not know how to accept so much love and gifts.10985369_1123193024362665_8678718266019862906_n

This was a heart changing experience that I would recommend to anyone who is wanting to feel at home. To feel accepted and at peace with who you are. Everyone was loving everyone. Thank you so much for feeding me and keeping me entertained with natural love my Rainbow family. You all are beautiful people and all of us deserve each other.

Never been to a gathering? Check out this Mini manual


See your Joys

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Being here and now is when I find myself in the best frame of mind. Working on something long term. Being able to notice the JOYS in life that are always ever present. Seems these JOYS are all around us when we are seeking them. Simple JOY of playing in the river with children.Simple JOYS of having a intimate conversation with a stranger. Simple JOYS that we had but never accepted. Simple JOY of admiring others talents or abilities. Know what brings you JOY my lovely friends. Smile your little hearts out and be accepted. We are beautiful creatures that are capable of great accomplishments. We have the pleasure of life

The Origin of the Word Love

Edurne Scott

6 years ago

Love is a word used to describe one, if not the most, potent experiences available to humans. The word love was once *leubh, a word used by the Proto-Indo-Europeans approximately five thousand years ago to describe care and desire. When love was incorporated into Old English as lufu, it had turned into both a noun to describe, “deep affection” and its offspring verb, “to be very fond of”.

Love and Religion

One of the earliest uses of love, and its biggest influence, was religion. Love was used to describe the benevolence and affection of God, as well as the affectionate devotion due to God, “God is loue, and hee that dwelleth in loue, dwelleth in God” (John 4:16). From this widely recognized meaning, love began to be used to positively describe instances of affection or acts of kindness.

Falling in Love

From Middle English onwards, the most popular meaning for love however was to describe a “beloved person” (1255)-especially one’s sweetheart. This naturally turned love into an intimate form of address which began to describe goings on of lovers such as love letters (c.1240) and love songs (c.1310). One could say that they had “fallen in love” with someone from 1423, and under a hundred years later that they were lovesick (1530). To make love (1580) meant to “pay amorous attention” to another person and it wasn’t till the middle of the twentieth century that it became a euphemism for sexual intercourse. The word love was introduced to tennis from 1742 to mean no score- from the notion of playing “for love”, came the notion “playing for nothing”.

Love and Sex

Of course the sexual meaning of love was present from the very beginnings of Old English, but it was not till the late 17th century that love was more strongly associated with sex. At first love was used to describe the personification of sexual affection in the form of cupid, “Wher’er her step in beauty moves, around her fly a thousand loves”. By the early 18th century however, love began to mean an illicit partner, or even sexual intercourse itself. From this meaning came the negative term love brat, or its modern form love child (1805), which described a child born out of wedlock. New meanings for love were still being created well into the 20th century- love life (1919) began to mean “one’s collective amorous activities” and was originally used as psychological jargon.


What “love” means from person to person, let alone from century to century, is one of the most varied in the English language. From describing one’s faith to God to describing a child born out of wedlock, the connotations for love are many and varied.

Let’s apply “The Secret” principles here.

If instead of conentrating on your partner’s flaws,
you concentrate on the things you love about them,
you would be much happier in your life and would
be glad to have them in your life.

Instead of trying to change them, if you just accept
them as a human being, you would have peace of mind
and someone who would probably accept your flaws
also in return.

Staying in Love is a choice. The more you think
about the positive aspects of your relationship and
how much you love your partner, the more satisfied
you are and the happier you will be.

It’s like the Law of Attraction from “The Secret”.

You attract in your life what you think about.

So if you are in love, and you would like to
keep it that way, you need to learn how to keep
the love alive.

Love doesn’t take care of itself. Especially in
the early stages of a relationship (right after the honeymoon
phase). It will go away if you don’t care about
it and don’t give it the nourishment that it

Naturopathic Paladin