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That moment you see it, the sparkle in her eye. It takes you away, to places unknown. Love is flying blind like a drone. I keep reaching for my phone,  thinking I heard my ringtone. Just find myself craving that wealth. She power pulled my love off the shelf.  Decided she’s good for my health. So ill stick around in this old town. Baby you’ll never frown when Im around. Dont worry about being stuck in the lost and found. Promise your heart will be safe and sound. Stick around, my love knows no bounds.

My angel eyes, the gorgeous dreamboat, my honey bunny, the sunny Treasure of the day. Every moment I want to say “hey!”
Gonna Grab you,  gonna snag you up! Gonna be my buttercupp. You’ll be saying “hey whats up?” But when your alone scrolling on your phone,  throw me a bone. I love hard like a stone and funnel it into a cone. You can tell by the love in my tone and the dropping of my jaw bone.

You got my heart and the taste aint tart. Your My cuddle cake that sure ain’t fake. Cleaned my heart up like a good old rake. But if your gonna take it, you better make it. Just love and shake n bake it.

Im cheesy but she sees so much in me. Feels my heart and squeezes me. Im tripping you see, like a drunk bee.  Not sure what u did to me, I can barely even see. Swaying in the wind like a big old tree. Reaching my branches

to thee. Baby grab on and come with me. We can dive into the sea. I’d love to be your captian if just would marry me.

You see what you do to me? Ryhmms to explain how your a dime and ever so fine. You make me wanna grind so I got time. In the meantime, ill go parttime, enjoy your sweet lime.  Enter into my paradigm, listen to my external rhyme its gonna be bad like organized crime. If you think its showtime, just wait till I go into half-time. My ryhmms are like slime that melts you at bed time.

Its late and you got my heart in checkmate. Trying to calculate while I meditate and liberate. Found my soul mate in a pine tree state, what a line of fate.


When the Artist comes into the room with the radiant confidence… oh man watch out! He is in it to win it!

I have the opportunity in my life to spend quality time with an artist as he creates the world thru his eyes. Each blast of the spray can or each rattle of a paint pen is a blessing. Pondering the thoughts that go into creating such amazing work entices me to stay and enjoy the silence. Seeing the imagination running wild in such a beautiful soul has inspired me to step outside of my box and use a different color on my canvas.

What does your canvas represent to you?

Are you happy with the colors painted on the sheet?

I have to be happy with my colors, they are me. They build the very blocks of my life and define who I am in this universe. My talents and my skills are a direct effect of the causes in my life. Once a girl slipped away from my grasp and I found myself consumed in studying new skills. I see the same effect in artists as I look thru the ages and their art. Pablo Picasso for example; his many relationships with women not only filtered into his art but also may have directed its course.

Everyone of the heart breaks I have suffered have been building the strengths I need for the next step. Watching energy blockages slip away piece at a time and seeing the immediate solution. Letting go of the hurt others have done to me opens the door to the next level. Rectifying or accepting my actions against others in the past has been a key role in this transformation to illumination.

Being as lucky as I am to have friends in my life that are experiencing the same lessons as me. It allows me to make a choice prior to experiencing the conflict in my own reality. Spending time with a artist has taught me to watch the details in others stories or venting sessions  to find solutions to my own conflicts. Thru far, amazing things have happened in my intuition the more I show care and support to those around me. Keeping myself out of that selfish state and remaining true to the ones I love. I LOVE ALL OF YOU!

The artist was calm in his trials and well placed with his thoughts. Showing me the self-respect required for one to advance as well. Not investing emotions in harsh events will help me not repeat those again. If i react, I find use in the event.  Finding use in the event could cause it to happen again in my life. Repetition is a pain and I refuse to repeat negative events in my life again. Combating the negative with love while looking at the good in it all.

Life is a dream when you take time to enjoy the small things in life. Sitting here in downtown Boise, at the local piehole. A group of people talking together about St.Luke’s and its radiation walls they installed. They are very knowledgeable after hearing a few moments of their conversation. Feel like I am a expert radiation tech ready to take over the world. I had a pretty good idea at the radioactive advices at our hospital. I didn’t know about all the leaks St. Luke’s has though… hmmm dangerous?


Ron, a  bartender at Fatty’s, walks past looking like he is on a mission of booze! That gentlemen was one of the most loving and kind men ever to
introduced to this Paladin. The lady friend with me the night I got a chance to meet him was showered in genuine compliments that overflowed on to me. I really admire the special time he took when we first met. I hope that I can replicate that same feeling in others when I meet them.


The wonders that Boise has to offer are a pure bliss when you get out and notice them. Seeing busy life go by, person after person. Pondering what trials these people face today and sending them covert positive energy as they gallop past me and my laptop. One man has some crazy tattoos on his face, accompanied by a wild beard to top it off. I admire his self-expression that he so boldly wears everyday. Imagine the trials he faced when he decided on that piece of art. Don’t ever be fearful of what your looks do for others. Do it for yourself!


Being so close to the high school is quite awesome with lunch going on. The crazy assortment of hair and styles that I get to witness right now are quite epic. Getting a extra long look at this young man’s elvis style haircut while he orders pizza here at Piehole. The girl that is with him is quite the opposite of his style. Pretty Blonde hair all nicely braided to the side and a beautiful pink outfit that blinded me in the sun. I start to think of the type of parents each of these two had. Where they influenced to be like their parents or did they take on their own identity as they matured? In this rebellious world, Im sure it was the second choice.


A cute older couple sat down next to me, sharing some slices of pizza while they gaze at the passing pedestrians. They both seem to be bikers out enjoy the simple parts of the day. Their topics seem simple and factual. I really did not see them make eye contact during their conversation which made me wonder about their past. The older man had a smile for days it seemed like. I have this same problem and I am happy to see it in others.


A little boy fell down crossing the road in front of me with his father and dropped his drink all over the pavement. Instantly busted into tears with red slushy consuming his face. The father stopped to turn around to the disaster. Finding a smile for his son, he picked him up and walked back over the the store. Looks like someone gets more slushy! Very happy to see a dad like this guy today.


Well time to pack up the laptop and be on the adventure again! Let’s save the world today!

PS: Right before I pack up, Jordan, another bartender at fatty’s comes out to place balloons for cinco mayo. I bet there is gonna be a big BIG Event going on here tonight.  If you are in the Boise, Idaho area stop by and meet the staff of this awesome place.

Stay tuned today for more Boise Adventures!

Naturopathic Paladin