Do you ever get the feeling that you’re worth more than what you see? Like there is an invisible power of greatness that you have yet to discover. Maybe the feelings rush thru you like the blood of a demigod. Waiting for the day you are able to harness your powers. Seeing the glow when you look in the mirror. Feeling the positive energy from others when you enter the room. Being a light tower in the darkness for those lost at sea. Have you felt things before they happen and wonder how you knew? Having dreams of flying thru the woods and pondering the many uses of wings.

I have come so far and I can feel it now growing deeper by day. The fears I once held decay in my memory banks as I shift each obstacle to my gain. For each blessing I receive; I feel compelled to assist my brothers and sisters that struggle the same patterns as me. My compassion overwhelms my spirit with empathy. My call to action seems to slap itself before me and demand my attention. My fingers can’t seem to find rest until I solve this mystery. See an end to the pointless tears of our race.

Archangel Zadkiel

Archangel Zadkiel, is the archangel of freedom, benevolence, mercy, and the Patron Angel of all who forgive.

I carry a superpower that I will learn to wield its mystic love thru the fiery battles of the darkest place we can imagine. Finding the innocents in all as I search the pits will be my protection from psychic attacks. Being aware of my energy is top priority in any event and calling upon Archangel Zadkiel.

Focused on the best possible outcome and not investing the limited energy I possess into events I don’t wish to repeat. Walking with honor for each soul this world offers as an experience to learn and face a new fear. Knowing how to deface the fear by shredding apart its layers of false damnation because I know my self.

What is a super power you wish for?________________________________________________________

The power overwhelms me on daily basis with signs from the universe. Each and every number I see shatters my human thoughts and brings it to the angelic realm. Every night I am up late writing or studying how to be better. Will Smith has been one of the inspirations for me during my transformation to illumination. He says that there is a delusional quality that all successful people have. They all believe in something that different from the normal. When we get those ideas to run out of the house and start moving in a direction. We need to do it while everyone else is sleeping. Let them wake in the morning to the glory we have done. Looking only for personal pleasure in what we have completed. Do something you can be proud of at the end of the day while you are in bed. If I am not doing something everyday that I feel proud of; cheating myself of a brick in my pyramid.

John Robert Wooden was an American basketball player and coach. Nicknamed the “Wizard of Westwood,” as head coach at UCLA he won ten NCAA national championships in a 12-year period, including an unprecedented seven in a row

I want to build a pyramid of love that is strong enough to carry myself and those I can help. To many souls that seems so difficult and full of tasks. Maybe the feeling of failure hits before it is ever started overwhelms them. Being faced with fear of rejection or in situations of despair with no air. I have experienced it many times and can almost feel the lump in my throat right now. I am put on the scene and take the mic to speak the thoughts I need to share. I am not afraid to talk to the crowd with overwhelming amplification because I know the words I have to share will germinate your night with thoughts. My intention is to make you think about a different perspective and advance your self with me in life. Never will I try to claim what you should do, only share what I practice as humbly as possible.

Sometimes we don’t practice well and make my mistakes. Learning as I go  and sharing what I can understand to be a better being of light. This writing is not even meant for you, It’s a tool for me to follow in my life to be at a place where I can help more. I want to see smiles all around me as you soak in your joys. But you have to believe you can do better and go farther than the time before. Paying attention to the signs of life and emotions of others guides me swifter than I could have imagined.  Leave an open ear for people whom you love. Listen to every word and hang on every syllable. As you look deeper at them you will notice your similarities and then you will start to understand yourself more. A friend and I love having talks and both hope the other speaks first to solve our own issues. At times we sit in silence both waiting to for the other to speak. Bursting into giggles with our common issues has been a joyous pastime.  I can feel the love when I am with him in our solitude and I cherish it while it’s there. Neither of us charge for the counselor service we provide. May all beings have someone to share love with. If you think you’re not loved by someone, think again.

Remember that you are loved. Someone at some time loved you. Either your mom,sister, dad, brother, neighbor or friend.

Just remember Someone loves you!

That means your special abilities have touched someone who will always remember you. Possibly your name comes up in thoughts from time to time and brings a joyous smile to a person’s face. Surround myself with joyous people or be forever locked in a realm of despair. Noticing what brings me joy in my day and especially on the rough days. That is how I will do good and represent joy in my heart. Broadcasting out to the world something they can believe in and to highlight the joy of love in their life. Its something you can’t fake.

Who loves you?___________________________________________________________


You are very blessed to have met someone as special as the ones who have held your heart. Be thankful when you are in their presence. Notice all the things you enjoy about this person. Cherish the moments you have with them.These people are mean to mend and bend you. Don’t lose track of who you are while you learn. Remember your needs as a being and express them to those around you. For how will you ever get to your dreams if you’re scared to announce them?

Is there someone who you could have cherished more?



Love your life, every part of your day. Look for the lessons in the bad and live every moment of joy you are offered.

What was a Challenge for you today?


What brought you Joy today?


How is tomorrow gonna be?


Please interact and share with the world!


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