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This facebook post was raw and intriguing! I felt it would resonate with my readers on a deeper level. Those that are sensitive to our environmental influences can use this advice to see your worth. Building your self-esteem should be high on the priority list. Let this young woman inspire you to push beyond your hypothetical limits.

We enjoy her and hope you do as well
Naturopathic Paladin

Reader advisory; strong language

“Maybe you should stop and think about your actions and the potential negativity you spread as a result of your happiness.”

…That’s something I was “told” today after stating how important it is to remain a good person even when people fuck you over…

I found this statement to be quite interesting.. Who’d have thought trying to be a good person, was nothing short of a bad thing?..

The small mindedness of people fuckin amazes me… Lets just get some shit straight, the only thing wrong with this world, is the shitty people who hurt others and make bullshit excuses for themselves.

HOLD YOUR GODDAMN SELVES ACCOUNTABLE AND BE A DECENT FUCKING HUMAN BEING. Being a shitty person, is a choice. Just as being a happy, loving and all around good person is…

So, in light of the backlash and all around bullshit I’ve received in the past couple days, I’d like to highlight my “negativity inducing ignorance” and push back against the bullshit… I’d like to push back against the shitty people of the world… I’d like to extend a little bit of love. I’d like to spread a little fuckin positivity…

Anyone can hurt someone. Anyone can be a bad person… But It takes someone special to do and be good. It takes someone special to put forth the effort to make the world a better place, no matter how seemingly small the effort is..

People are gonna knock you down, do your best to leave them behind and focus on the good… You can still do good. You can still be good…

You, YES YOU, are beautiful beyond measure…
And you, YES YOU have the power to be better than those who have wronged you…

Middle fingers up, yo. Good people are of value… Be of value…


Took a trip up the hill and saw the beautiful bunkers. It was an amazing hike that kids can do.  Plenty of spots to have a picnic 🙂


Check out this video to see more photos and enjoy 🙂

From: “Moredhel AzHryoth, DisSpencer” <>

Welcome Home!

The Rainbow Family of Living Light welcomes you to our family gathering. A place where people co operate not compete.

Each year the family holds the Gathering of the Tribes, a totally Free non-commercial sharing of our lives and sacred hearts, in the Cathedral of Nature for the healing of the earth.

There is no authoritarian hierarchy here. It works because each of us takes the responsibility to make it work. Part of that responsibility is a pledge we keep to each other :

  • we pledge to respect and care for each other in all things

  • we pledge to drop all forms of violence in our relations with each other

  • we pledge to deal with each other up front and with open hearts.



Recent councils have reaffirmed original consensus that the gathering of the tribes is intended as an opportunity to experiment with different ways of living. For this reason and others we ask that firearms, radios, tape decks, electric lights, sound amplification equipment, chainsaws, and power tools be left at home. All vehicles stop at the parking lot or bus village.


Beware of people who say things like, “I’m in charge!” We are All leaders of the rainbow. The dishes get done and crappers get dug because We see to it personally.

Main Gate

When you volunteer for main gate you get to see it all come in. Parking crew keeps the roads open and gate crew greets the world with hugs and info. Main gate is where new gatherers first see RAP 107 (Read and Heed!). All weapons and alcoholic beverages stop here. All forms of intoxication can be harmful to the spirit of our gathering. Main gate is where newcomers learn that, in terms of ideas, they are about to enter “Liberated Territory”.


Once you have helped a silent forest glade become a bustling volunteer kitchen that serves thousands of nutritious Free meals and becomes a silent glade again you will know what they mean when someone tells you magic did it! Each person needs their Own cup, bowl, and spoon. Wash buckets, including a bleach dip prevents the spread of disease.


Center for Alternative Living Medicine. In this wounded world many of our family come to the gathering in need of healing. CALM provides free health care, healing workshops, a woman’s center, an herbal apothecary, and counseling to all in need. Look for the large tents. Healers of all kinds are invited to join the staff!

MASH provides field care and an evacuation vehicle. MASH provides emergency care and volunteer experts who combine gentle natural remedies that promote the body’s natural defenses with standard medical practice.

Gathering on Public Lands

Our Permit to Gather reads as follows: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof or abridging the freedom of speech or of the press or the right of the people peaceably to assemble and to petition the government for redress of grievances.”


It is around the council fire that everday questions and the future of the rainbow are decided. When the conch is blown we assemble in a circle and, holding hands we seek to treat each other and the earth with respect.


All council decisions are by consensus. This means that action is taken on an issue only After a clear statement of the proposal has been read and no one has blocked Consensus. This is why it is important to be present when issues that concern you are discussed. Everyone is given an opportunity to speak. A feather is passed to designate the speaker. We respect the person holding the feather with silence and attention. When we hold the feather we respect the council by being short and to the point.


Shanti-Sena means “Peace Center”! There are no “Rainbow Police”. We are secure because we watch out for each other. We are All Shanti-Sena. Experienced Shanti-Sena hold regular peace keeping workshops which everyone is encouraged to attend at least once. Do you know what to do in an emergency?

Magic Hat

At each gathering we have a magic hat. Its magic lies in the miracles sharing Can do. By combining our resources we can buy in bulk and use our buying power most efficiently. Magic hat also collects for consensus projects like All Ways Free, the newspaper. We feed the multitudes! A banking council appointed by the main council handles purchases and keeps open books.


The rainbow council is in favor of gentle herbal remedies that promote the bodies natural defences. Chemical intoxication of any kind is dangerous to the spirit of our gathering.

Silent Circle For Peace and Healing – High Noon! – July 4 Each year on the fourth we gather at Main Circle and the entire camp is hushed for an hour of silence. Join us in prayer for the peace and the healing of the earth! This event is a central focus of the entire gathering.


Experienced volunteers lead native style sweat lodge/sauna baths for health and pleasure. Sweating re-invigorates you by flushing built-up toxins from your body. The closeness and fellowship of the lodge is an opportunity for prayer and song. Don’t be afraid to show up with an armload of firewood. Please don’t enter the lodge with an infectuous dis-ease.

Kid Village

Parents camp around Kid Village. Kid Village has a spring of its own. The kitchen is supplied with drink and nutritious snacks around the clock for children and parents. Volunteers and parents share the responsibility of childcare.

Bus Village

Many of our family are nomads, either part-time or year round. When a vehicle becomes a home it becomes unique. Bus village is a small town of unique vehicles. If you live in a bus, park it here!

Trade Circle

Many of our family work in various crafts and many bring their best work to show off or to trade for pieces that catch their eye. The mutual exchange of gifts is encouraged. Money changing in the temple is not. Our right to gather on public lands depends on our remaining a non-commerical event!

Info Center

Bullentin boards, notices, information, networking, rides, and a crew of volunteers to deal with rumor control and camp communications.


Anyone with a skill may announce a free workshop and post notices on info center bulletin boards. There is also a time for public announcements at evening meal.

Scounting Council

The general area of next year’s gathering is decided at this year’s Vision Council. Experienced scouts are sent out to inspect dozens of potential sites. They co-ordinate their activities by contacting a focalizer for the region and attending Scouting Council in April.

Building the Rainbow Camp

Once a site is chosen, teams move onto the land and begin to mark trails and develop springs. Main Kitchen is raised and begins to feed workers. Sanitary trenches are dug and water lines set. This preparation is necessary to deal with the influx of people around July 4. As many as 20,000 people have attended at peak.

Howdy Folks Letter

When a site has been chosen the Howdy Folks goes out to focalizers who copy them and pass them on. The Howdy Folks letter is the “Official” notice of the site and should have instructions for finding it and an info phone number.

Clean Up

The gathering runs from July 1-7. Clean up begins the morning of the 8th. Gear and trash are brought in to the center and channeled up the trail to main gate.

WE PICK UP EVERY SCRAP, EVERY LAST CIGARETTE BUTT! All trash is separated for recycling. Recycling Depots are color coded.

  • red – metal and aluminum
  • orange – glass
  • yellow – burnables (not plastic)
  • green – compost
  • blue – plastic
  • indigo – Lost and Found
  • violet – Free Box

Campsites are dismantled and “disappeared”. Paths are broken up and bare spots re-seeded. Potential erosion is banked and trees planted. A clean up kitchen is last dismantled and continues to feed clean up crews until the job is done.

In a year’s time you won’t be able to tell that a small township of people had lived here for weeks! In all things we walk lightly on the land.

  • Rainbow RAP 107 – Please protect our land!
  • Harm no living thing : use only down dead wood, cut no living trees.
  • Drop no litter of any kind. Separate trash for recycling and deposit at collection sites. Put only vegetable matter in compost pits. PROTECT OUR WATER!
  • Use no soap in or within 50 feet of water areas.
  • Do not pee or poop in or near water areas.
  • Do not camp above springs. PROTECT OUR HEALTH!
  • Use your own cup, bowl, spoon and wash them thoroughly, including a bleach dip.
  • Use only latrine trenches. Clean up after children and pets. Cover feces and toilet paper with dirt and ashes. Wash hands. (Break the Fly connection! Feces – Fly – Food You!)
  • Visit CALM if you feel ill. Especially if you might have a communicable disease.
  • Drink only water that has been boiled briskly for ten minutes.
  • Keep your camp secure. “Tempt not, lest ye be lifted from.”
  • Pets should stay home. Be responsible for your animals. Keep them out of kitchens – foods – fights.
  • Discourage all forms of drug overindulgence.
  • Participate in Shanti-Sena workshops and activities.
  • Weapons are inappropriate.
  • Donate to magic hat. Our power combined is many times our power separate.
  • Confront the Rainbow with an open heart and you will see the Vision!All Ways Free

Each year at the national gathering a different Regional Council undertakes to publish at least two issues of All Ways Free, the family newspaper, in the coming year. All Ways Free is a totally open forum to publish the diversity of ideas that makes up the rainbow. The paper takes stories, letters, poems and art. Rather than sell subscriptions or advertising space, All Ways Free is produced by volunteers and supported by personal donation, regional fund raising activities, and magic hat. You can Earmark part of your magic hat money for All Ways Free.

The Guide

At the info booth are signup cards for those who wish to be included in the Rainbow Guide, a networking directory for the use of family members in contacting each other. The guide is distributed free but is supported by donation.

Local Gatherings

In order to lessen ecological impact and give more people the opportunity to experience Rainbow the family council is encouraging the formation of Local Councils to hold regional gatherings. Contact your regional focalizer as listed in the Guide. All Ways Frees lists dates and sites.

A Local Council can also be a useful way of addressing local concerns and issues. Local Councils hold cleanups, drum circles, pot-lucks, and yard sales. They put energy into shelter for the homeless free kitchens and tree planting. The Rainbow way of “Hands On” problem solving gives people of diverse viewpoints an effective means of co-operating in the healing of the planet.

PEACE Projects

Positive Energy Alternative Community Foundation is an umbrella for various councils seeking to apply the lessons learned at gatherings year round. These include peace village – a year round encampment, the peace fleet of sail ships and the peace caravan. The Guide lists focalizers and All Ways Free reports progress.

Artists For Peace

A project intended to stimulate and aid the contribution of artists and crafts-people to the whole. Check All Ways Free for details. Following is information on the Rainbow Family of Living Light and pointers on getting more information. This is a work in progress. Thanks to all on who have provided this info. An up to date list of gathering and council dates will be posted shortly.


  • Mid Atlantic Hotline (Washington DC) 202 PYR-EMAL
  • Alabama Lightline (Birgingham, AL) 205 933-7777
  • New York Lightline 212 560-7111
  • Miami Picnics Last Sun of the Month 305 258-4334
  • Chicago Picnics First Sundays (Dennis) 312 281-2312
  • Great Lakes Rainbow (Ann Arbor MI) 313 761-4243 / 517 482-0949
  • Ho! Lightline (Atlanta) 404 662-6112
  • Western Tribes Hotline (Eugene OR) 503 284-6600
  • Louisiana Lightline 504 552-9315


The Rainbow Guide (Note that the Wisconsin address
P.O. Box 29446 is no longer valid.)
St Louis, MO 63126-7446

The directory of participants and supporters of the Rainbow Gathering of the Tribes. The names and addresses in it are freely submitted and distributed for our family’s benefit. It is always free for those who need it to be. However, if you can send a contribution, every little bit helps. New Issue comes out at the National, this year in New Mexico, in July.

All Ways Free (Note that the Eugene, OR address
Rt. 2 Box 84 is no longer valid.)
Warrens, WI 54666-9802

Annual Rainbow-oriented publication, independent of Rainbow Family Tribal Council. Lots of info, Lots of Love! All Ways Free, but a donation is All Ways Welcome!



Normal camping stuff (this varies depending on “how” you camp):

  • Sleeping bag/hammock, blanket, tent/tarp, toilet paper/paper towels.
  • Check the weather: rain gear, appropriate clothes, etc…
  • PLATE, CUP or BOWL, and SPOON: this will be your food dish. You will eat out of it so this is VERY IMPORTANT. Biodegradeable soaps and stuff.
  • WATER, WATER, WATER, and more WATER: Drinkable water is a very precious comodity. If you can hike some in… or bring some to the lot and ask for some help to hike it you will make many people happy. Pretty much all you get to drink at Rainbow gatherings is water coffee and tea. If you don’t like coffee or tea, you may want to bring powdered drink mix (with the sugar already added).
  • Sweets (especially chocolate).
  • Fruits and Vegetables. Bring extra if you can to donate to the kitchens.
  • Tools if you can (i.e. knife, axe, saw) There will always be firewood that needs cuttin’.
  • Musical instruments (non-electrical)
  • Poetry

!!! DO NOT BRING !!!

Alcohol: Near the parking area there is a place called

“A-camp”. Rainbow says We love the alcoholic, but not the alcohol.” Personalities change on alcohol (and hard drugs). Sometimes people can’t control themselves as well. Therefore you are respectfully asked to leave the alcohol in A-camp when you hike in to the main gathering space.

  • Aggressive dogs
  • Bad attitudes
  • Hard drugs: Rainbow discourages the use of hard drugs of any kind. Rainbow also discourages the ABUSE of any drugs of any kind.
  • Radios: Also more welcome in A-camp.
  • Guns: Never really welcomed at a gathering.

Please understand that all of these suggestions are “agreed” upon by consensus. No one is specificaly bound to these

decisions. You are asked however to respect the space of others and the rights of those who _did_ agree to consensus.

With thanks to the hundreds of contributors who wrote this book.

Original Issue June '87
Revised Summer '88 Reconsensed Sprint '89 FAQ created Spring '95
E-Texted Collated Spring '95

Obligatory Disclaimer: I do not speak for Rainbow; I speak only for myself. And that said, COPY FREELY!

Rainbow Gathering E-Text Miniature Manual – Page 6 (of 6)

This Rainbow Mini-Manual is intended to introduce newcomers to the basic technique of “Gathering”. It Does Not represent the last word on any subject! The contents of this booklet are designed to “Evolve” with the family and not to become any form of “bible”. We can do this by basing its contents on the consensus of our councils and by changing those contents as the consensus changes.

The copy you hold in your hand is a “Generic” Mini-Manual agreed upon by the Nevada ’89 Seed Council. Local councils are invited to reproduce this booklet for distribution at regional gatherings. Feel free to add “Site Specific” information, art, new titles. You may rework the content in any way you please with the single restriction that if you do, the booklet can no longer be called a Rainbow Mini-Manual.

Focalizers have been supplied with a “copy original”, so they can fill requests for copies. Send along a couple of bucks for costs. The “Mini-Manual” is a Copy Freely publication. This means that it will only be distributed as far as people find it useful to do so, not only does this save one group or individual a burdensome “publication” job but guarantees that very few copies will be printed above what its merit justifies! If everyone runs off twenty or a hundred and sends them off to others who do the same there will soon be enough mini-manuals around so that everyone who needs on can get one.

The Original Mini-Manual was designed to be easily reproducable on two sheets of 8 1/2 x 11 paper. Any stock, any means of reproduction! Print both sides, slit lengthwise and collate. With the E-Text version you can Do as You Will, however 17 cpi print at 8 lines per inch, with two columns per side and on both sides of normal paper, will print up to the Rainbow Addresses section on 1 piece of paper, and the rest will print on the front of another piece. HOORAY!

The Map is not the territory-but the map Can teach us new ways to See the territory. The Mini-Manual presents the barest outlines of the process it describes. You must fill in everything else from experience and imagination.

Together, We can create the dance!

Well the journey was to begin and all we had been our love to bring. Having no idea what to expect we journey thru the states as we wonder to the black hills of South Dakota. These hills we seek are full of hippys loaded with love and joy. The experience we seek will be at every bend of the trails as we venture into the lands of Rainbow. The venture begins with a Welcome home and a lot of smiles. Every person we met in the beginning was packed full of love. They had a story to share and a heart to explore. One must take the time and spend it  with an open ear. Pressing to be here and now while giving our attention to who speaks.rainbow

It was  a 3 mile hike with a new venture at every turn. A new smile with a story to tell. These stories built up after years of being on the road. You could see it in their hands and feel it with their words. Using words I have never heard of before that obviously were learned from time on the trail. I was left baffled by the endurance and acceptance I saw in everyone’s heart. Hearing some of the funnest things and craziest feats. I knew this was a place I could call home and treat them like family. Never did I want to leave. At this moment peace had found me.

Adventure after adventure I trekked the mountain of love. Meeting new faces and learning new ways of living life. The simple way of working as a team to get the life we deserve. As I was venturing down the path towards the camps I met a girl who needed help with packing food to her nearby camp. A bit of a walk with a ton of buckets lead me right to a family who had much to offer. This family welcomed me with a bottle of whiskey that made me remember why I don’t drink. I accepted with gratitude and loved the acceptance of me. You all made me feel so free. I had no choice to be anything but me.

I found myself not wanting. I was not wanting anything this world had to offer. I had it all right before me as I stared at the tepees in the valley. I had it all right before me and one must only reach out and grasp the love this place had to offer.

11707670_1123193064362661_2071848831588114930_nI met a friend named Caleb who wanted some company as he ventured to his camp. He had just arrived late at night, lonely as could be. I joined him in his journeys and became quite close during our time. He shared his stories and his gear. He made it very clear that I was meant to be here. His presence filled my soul and reminded me to be joyous where I am. After we shared, I departed.Rainbow gathering tent

Walking down the path once more, I stumble upon a fire. At this fire I met a friend that changed my mind. Lucy changed my mind on what I like and what I want. Having bartered a lemon drop for a peck on the cheek. It really made me feel complete. I got a chance to be a gentleman and venture thru the woods. Her plans were to relocated to a new spot a mile away. Her bags were large and heavy, but I packed them out just like a big old Chevy.

Coffee mafia was the name of the camp we seeked. When it was found I took a look around and noticed the sound. Quite and free with tons of coffee, We roasted a marshmallow and this girl busted out a cello. The music was pure and gifted from the heart. The voice made me think how I would change my life in a blink. Let me just flush it down the sink, I already took a big drink. Life was so simple with every ripple.It was ment to be, but it took me a while to see. This is the place for me. Paint with all the colors of the rainbow pocahontas said to thee.

I want it simple and therefore it was. I needed a friend to open my eyes to the world inside. Teach me the ways as I try not to gaze. Those brown eyes never made me hide. Loaded with stories and filled with charisma. This place could never make me sick ma! I craved more and refused to let it end. I pushed thru the night to a sunny smile. Boy did it last a while. I felt the heat as I sat on my seat. I once again refused to miss a beat. The drums were roaring and my dreams were soaring. Naked they danced around the fire/ Why you ask? Cause it was their desire.

10414582_1123193147695986_2104713331310840525_nThis place filled the void and brought the desire. The rules were simple that no one knew, just be true. I thought there would be just a few being true. I found it a challenge to find anyone who was not proud of who they were. Walking with beautiful people who had rocking ethics. You showed me ways to love deeper and on a more profound unconditional level. The connections formed thru this experience  will be forever lasting ones. The Last hugs said it all. (Sad face)

One morning while strolling  down a trial for trades I bumped into several traders who had many gemstones and trinkets alike. Many were offering wire wrapping and other gear for camping. From flash lights to pipes, these guys would trade anything in sight. This gave me an idea to make a reef necklace from a plant called yarrow. Achilles used yarrow to heal the wounds of his men while they fought. They used it after battles to help clear the mind of negative emotions and thoughts as a tea. Used by monks in many meditation practices. These little reefs became quite popular within the tribes. Having several people approach me to trade for these yarrow necklaces. This Lady Named Jennifer loved the one I was wearing and offered to trade  for a Henna tattoo tube that she brought from india. I was in a immediate agree on the transaction. From india!?! I Super cool trade I thought for something that took me 20 mins and some plants I picked off the trail.

Things were always there when you needed them. At dinner time the family gathered in the center of the tepees. We sat in circles, one inside of the others. This allowed a server to transport a large food bin around the circle where everyone was sitting with dinner plates ready. The organic food was so authentic my taste buds did not know what to do! Have experienced some new and amazing foods such as a zu-zu. Peanut butter and cream cheese whipped up on a bagel… Seriously I need more of that in my life. Then I was handed a deep fried deviled egg and at that moment my life was complete. Good company and good food. The food was always available when you were hungry. Soup time kitchen camp was offering soup 24/7. I can’t express how cool it was to get soup at 430 in the morning. Walking at a slow pace enjoying the sun rise with a warm cup of soup in my hand.

rainbow gathering kitchinThat morning stroll made me think, “Man! I’m in South Dakota enjoying a sunrise”. The sky was different from my home state of Idaho. I never saw any planes or satellites floating around. I imagine there is not a lot to watch in these lands of the Lakota. You could feel the freedom to think with the lack of cell phone towers blocking out your connection with the universe. You saw the magic every time you needed something and it magically appeared. Those who have gone to festivals know what I speak of to a point. Places filled with love seem to provide abundance. But this gathering was nothing like a festival. It was real and authentic.

The music shared with my ears was directly from the drum or guitar. The voices that sang were of such pure spirit that it left me wanting more and less of modern tunes. I feel like I need to learn a instrument to contribute to the beauty on the mountain. The sounds  filled the air at night. The drums called your name to attend. I sat amongst others and meditated on the sounds and feeling the energy build.

When the sun arose I was handed a yummy treat of deep-fried deviled eggs. Holy yum… Like wowsers! “This was the life!” I thought to myself. The love these people shared was not changed stranger to stranger. It was so unconditional I at times did not know how to accept so much love and gifts.10985369_1123193024362665_8678718266019862906_n

This was a heart changing experience that I would recommend to anyone who is wanting to feel at home. To feel accepted and at peace with who you are. Everyone was loving everyone. Thank you so much for feeding me and keeping me entertained with natural love my Rainbow family. You all are beautiful people and all of us deserve each other.

Never been to a gathering? Check out this Mini manual


I’m holding out for a hero to sweep me off my feet. Gotta be strong and fresh from the fight. Has to have the intelligence to keep up with the ever-changing world. My feelings will be my guide to knowing your face. The aroma of my hero will be overwhelming with confidence. Has to be larger than life and full of divine love.

I have to feel the nurture of love with every touch. The unconditional loyalty that many dream of and integrity unmatched. Who could deny these butterflies that I have. They inspire me to be greater and go further than the rest. Do what most would fear and finish with a smile.

The miles I will run for your smile to be apart of my night. Adventures I will face on my path to your hand will be filled with heroic and heroism. Having searched the earth for the soul that could harbour mine and been to the darkest woods to find out who I am. My demons were abolished with everlasting light filled with sparkling love.Ill be yours

I am the hero you are holding out for in the night.  The white knight in armor and a dazzling smile to share. I have been the one in your dreams that catches you when you fall. You may have never seen my face but you long for my touch. You dream of eternal joy by my side. Knowing that I will always be there for my hero. People call us the dynamic duo as we conquer the world and its escapades. You be my princess and I’ll be your super man.

We will fly over the cities and drop flowers for couple in love. Seeing the many cultures of this world as we travel in with our love. Marveling at the great pyramids in the background of your smile. How it melts my soul to see you full of joy and to walk the Nile. It felt like I parted the sea when I asked and got down on one knee. The fire in your eyes made me realize we would fly high.

Life is a dream when you take time to enjoy the small things in life. Sitting here in downtown Boise, at the local piehole. A group of people talking together about St.Luke’s and its radiation walls they installed. They are very knowledgeable after hearing a few moments of their conversation. Feel like I am a expert radiation tech ready to take over the world. I had a pretty good idea at the radioactive advices at our hospital. I didn’t know about all the leaks St. Luke’s has though… hmmm dangerous?


Ron, a  bartender at Fatty’s, walks past looking like he is on a mission of booze! That gentlemen was one of the most loving and kind men ever to
introduced to this Paladin. The lady friend with me the night I got a chance to meet him was showered in genuine compliments that overflowed on to me. I really admire the special time he took when we first met. I hope that I can replicate that same feeling in others when I meet them.


The wonders that Boise has to offer are a pure bliss when you get out and notice them. Seeing busy life go by, person after person. Pondering what trials these people face today and sending them covert positive energy as they gallop past me and my laptop. One man has some crazy tattoos on his face, accompanied by a wild beard to top it off. I admire his self-expression that he so boldly wears everyday. Imagine the trials he faced when he decided on that piece of art. Don’t ever be fearful of what your looks do for others. Do it for yourself!


Being so close to the high school is quite awesome with lunch going on. The crazy assortment of hair and styles that I get to witness right now are quite epic. Getting a extra long look at this young man’s elvis style haircut while he orders pizza here at Piehole. The girl that is with him is quite the opposite of his style. Pretty Blonde hair all nicely braided to the side and a beautiful pink outfit that blinded me in the sun. I start to think of the type of parents each of these two had. Where they influenced to be like their parents or did they take on their own identity as they matured? In this rebellious world, Im sure it was the second choice.


A cute older couple sat down next to me, sharing some slices of pizza while they gaze at the passing pedestrians. They both seem to be bikers out enjoy the simple parts of the day. Their topics seem simple and factual. I really did not see them make eye contact during their conversation which made me wonder about their past. The older man had a smile for days it seemed like. I have this same problem and I am happy to see it in others.


A little boy fell down crossing the road in front of me with his father and dropped his drink all over the pavement. Instantly busted into tears with red slushy consuming his face. The father stopped to turn around to the disaster. Finding a smile for his son, he picked him up and walked back over the the store. Looks like someone gets more slushy! Very happy to see a dad like this guy today.


Well time to pack up the laptop and be on the adventure again! Let’s save the world today!

PS: Right before I pack up, Jordan, another bartender at fatty’s comes out to place balloons for cinco mayo. I bet there is gonna be a big BIG Event going on here tonight.  If you are in the Boise, Idaho area stop by and meet the staff of this awesome place.

Stay tuned today for more Boise Adventures!

Naturopathic Paladin

I walk thru this life to make connections with people. I really admire the spirit walk this fellow brother is undertaking. We call could benefit from a spirit walk. Share some stories of your journey walks. That you have done.

Prayer Pilgrimage

I met a cyclist this morning and we had a great chat about travel and sharing stories.

His name is William and he is bicycling from border to border, coast to coast. He started in Northern Washington State, and plans to cycle to San Diego and then to New York.

Throughout our discussion, he continually talked about how it is the people you meet which life is all about. As we meet one another and befriend one another, we naturally help one another in whatever ways we can with whatever we possess.

Life is best when shared.

It was a great talk to remember that it is our relationships with one another which truly enable us to live well.

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