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Could you survive

Posted: June 18, 2015 in Survival, Warning
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Many of us don’t ever think it would happen. But what if you were caught in the woods with lack of gear. Maybe you have gear but do you know how to use it? Then ask how often do I use it?

It’s OK if it’s not that often. Your just like most other Americans and start 0 to 1 campfires this last year. The skillset and confidence to make fire takes practice. The need for it becomes overwhelming as cold and hunger sets in. Being able to boil drinking water is your biggest obstacle. Your body will start to shut down after 3 days of hard sweating in the mountains. Running the risk of cholera or some other type of parasitic danger if you drink the water without boiling.


Learning how to layer your fire so you always have a bed of coals and don't excessively burn your wood

So now we have it. If you were like most americans and have very little practice starting fires. You now will have 3 days to learn in the event of an emergency or you will die from dehydration. Maybe some of you are strong and make it 4 to 5 days without water. At that point think of how stressed, dehydrated and sick you will be. Making a fire will become more difficult as the days progress.

Let’s talk about food and where you THINK you would find it. One would THINK they could take the rifle and go scope the hill to find a big fat dinner with antlers. But the wolves  they introduced to the northwest forestry range have been annihilating the deer and elk stocks for quite a few years. Thus cutting back on our natural meat source most would find relief in. Leaving us with GMO cows to moo at us as we drive by on the interstate.

A better idea is wisdom of plants. This is something you can do right now from the screen of your phone. Please start studing plants and learn how to feed yourself in a time of need. This knowledge will be something that will never lose its value like so many other things we learn. Education of edible and toxic plants will save yourself and your loved ones lives.

I use a smartphone application that saves websites offline. Find the section of edible plants on your fish & Game’s website and save it to your device. Now remember to study them while you are out trekking around. Possibly taking pictures and referencing them if you don’t know what the plant is. Just think how cool  your kids will think you are for knowing all these things about natural food.

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