Paladins Notes from an Interview with Dr George Simon Author of  “In Sheeps Clothing”

  • There are manipulative people around in this world. They need to continue to manipulate people to survive. Lifestyle does not seem to change thru life, especially Sociopaths.
  • Struggling with Anxieties and insecurities inside, but they portray a mild, charming and likeable aura
  • Neurotic and disorders
    • Lack in conscious – Sociopaths
      • They are sneaky and establish any relationship for the sole purpose of personal gain.
      • They are covert
    • self absorbed – Narcissists 
      • they don’t mind people knowing they are
      • They don’t care about you, they don’t care if you know either
    • Aggressive Narcissist is very persistent in their views
    • The experts on Neurosis are the active neurotic people
    • Anger is adaptive, Right a wrong, remove a threat from our life
    • Disturbed characters are so successful, They can’t stomach the Idea to give in to anything even if it will benefit them in the long wrong.
    • Handling these characters is to keep the ball in their court. They will try to keep it in your court, making you have to handle their issues.
    • Do you want their mental problem? Do you want that in your life? That problem belongs to someone else and not to you

Signs they are a sociopath

  • Lacks caring (dexter type) Most sociopaths are not killers, but wish you never had them in your life.
  • 1 out of 25 people are
  • oversized ego, Their identity is superior to everyone
  • Lying and showing manipulative behaviour all the time, pathological
  • Lack of empathy, guilt or shame
  • oozing charm but superficial
  • Having intense eyes, when you lock eyes with them, they don’t get the awkward feeling that most do
  • They are savors.

How to spot a extreme  Narcissists

  • Center of his own universe
  • Everyone has a bit of narcissism in them
  • Children that were wounded, some type of attachment problem. Had to prove themselves to their parents.
  • Creates someone to portray something they are not. They take qualities from people and put them into themselves
  • They see the opportunity to use people, attracted to codependent people.
  • Codependent people attract Narcissists
  • They turn the argument back on you,or blame you for their faults.
  • Craving for attention or admiration
  • World reflected in their image
  • Do they turn the conversion back to them.
  • Reacting to criticism with anger or shame
  • require consent attention
  • pursuing selfish goals
  • having issues keeping emotional relationships or friendships

How to handle Narcissists

  1. Dont fall in love with a Narcissists- learn the signs and run
  2. If you stay in the relationship, hold your ground
    1. trust your self
    2. dont challenge the delusions
  3. If your partner becomes enraged when you hold your ground, leave the relationship
  4. Frame things according them them
    1. Stroke their ego in requests
  5. Remember they are fragile
  6. Pick your battles and save your energy

naturopathic Paladin

  1. Tela says:

    Good information…your list of ‘how to handle a Narcissist’ is easy to write…but next to impossible for anyone involved with them to do.

    Liked by 1 person

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