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To my Life Family,

The ladybugs and grasshoppers are a beautiful treat to the eyes. A Tiger’s paw is not meant for play but his prey. we ask what all these crazy phrases are meant to say. No meaning  can be found, but the feeling can be felt. Just listen to the sound while you look all around. I’ll leave signs of homeward bound. Times will struggle and be unfair. But a story I’ll have to share. Ill always be true and be on display for you. So when you are so blue remember I have been there with you.  The Naturopathic Paladin

I am looking to expand the influence of Naturopathic healing to other parts of the world thru traveling and sharing. In order to do this requires funding that at times is just not there to expand at the rate I desire. But As I progress thru my training and conditioning to be a better person I learn ways to fund the campaign. Below is a list of Avenues I have found that assist in getting basic funding. I have made some goals for the website and also some personal goals since Naturopathic Paladin is a full Blog with a active listening base that receives healing from its messages.

Designing products with intention & Goals. Check out some of the goals of Naturopathic Paladin Here

Get the spiritual journals that can help you heal.

Get the spiritual journals that can help you heal.

Naturopathic Paladin’s CafePress:

Do you want to start capturing your thoughts and being able to remember them as time passes. Start Journaling and see your true self. See the Journal Line I created on Cafepress to help support more efforts to get you to journal more.

  • Journaling
  • World of Metta
This website supports the Projects of Spirit Animals, Galaxy Art and more journals.

This website supports the Projects of Spirit Animals, Galaxy Art and more journals.

Naturopathic Paladins Zazzle Store

This project is the Art that I sometimes have a moment to share or that I come across while on the travels of the road. The road also offers a chance to learn about spirit animals and see what it is they have to share with us.

  • Art on T-shirts, clocks, wall posters, wood frames and many other Ideas
  • Spirit Animals with information printed on clocks and other items you would see very day to remind yourself.
  • Electronics for meditation. Naturopathic Paladin Bluetooth Autospeak is just one of the many Ideas coming our of this project.
  • Android & Iphone App
  • Website upgrade
  • E-book
  • The Naturopathic Paladin Paperback
  • The Naturopathic Signs Pocket Guide
  • Gratitude 360 Journal
  • Guided Meditations 
  • Binaural Beats for Meditation

Update April 2016

Its amazing how positive energy takes you to new places.

Many of these great ideas now have the funding and passion to achieving our goals


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