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Have you ever met that boy or girl that swept you up faster then you could figure out? Maybe a future promotion has you wondering what life will turn too if you get that raise? But what what if you dont sweep that boy or girl off their feet and your left sitting in the rain? Those future ideas that played in your head when you first tripped possibly set expectations that left your heart wide open to appear as failure in your own mind.

“There are two ways to be happy: improve your reality or lower your expectations.”

1. Nothing lasts forever, not jobs, not toys, cars, relationships or life.
– Things will fail, break, shatter, crumble and just disappear.


I love how this photo puts some releif in your heart when you think about all the things you felt like youndeserged but never received. Bigger better plan for you 🙂

– This is a renewal process that makes room for bigger and better opportunities.
– Accept it with a open heart.

2. Optimism is required to be successful
– Dont fret when you break your cell phone screen. Maybe its time for a new phone.
– Remember last time you could not find your car keys? Maybe that few mins saved you from a car blowing threw a stop light.

3. Your not a victim
One big problem a lot of people have is that they slip into thinking of themselves as victims that have little or no control over their lives. In this headspace you feel sorry for yourself, the world seems to be against you and you get stuck. Little to no action is taken and you get lost in a funk of sadness and self-pity. You either have to be the victim or you have to be causing pain.

5. Forgive
“When you hold resentment toward another, you are bound to that person or condition by an emotional link that is stronger than steel. Forgiveness is the only way to dissolve that link and get free.” Catherine Ponder

Let this be a kickstart for your heart in the pursuit of Joy 🙂

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Either a Craigslist buyer that flakes out,  a date, a friend or family occasions.

Getting a LEVEL of frustration thats boiling  the blood. … need to meditate… have you ever made plans and get them cancelled on you…. and than you make them again only to get cancelled. The persons does not even call and let you know to not waste the time waiting on them all day for confirmation. Letting the weekend go by that you set aside to help.  

Steps to take:

1: Let it go and understand that you’re time is not that important to them. They don’t have to respect your friendship, but you don’t have to be their friend either.

2: Don’t give up your time again for that person after you feel the hurt. If you can without appearing needy.
Talk with them

3: Find a guided meditation on YouTube that attracts love. A universal love and not just relationship love.

3: If your really upset… guided mediation on acceptance, grief or forgiveness. It will help you get out of the victim mindset and moves into attracting the loyal friends you need.

4: Go for a run or swimming… burn up some of the chemical that can put you into depression.  Cortisol….

5:  You have cleared your thoughts and removed yourself from a victim mindset. See that they are the victims cause they don’t get to enjoy you or your time.

6: THANK THE UNIVERSE FOR THE PROTECTION IT OFFERED YOU. Things don’t workout for a reason. If it’s not happening… it’s not ment to be. Maybe you could have been hurt more latter on in the friendship.

7: Admire and respect those who DO want to be In your life and respects your time. Shows you the same courtesy you offer.

8: You will never have to chase true love or loyal friends. Keep faith that your worth more than what they have to offer you.

9: Show grace to all you meet, but value your time.

10: Try to be better friends this week to those that are in your life and let go of those who are not to excited to be in yours.

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The Need to Journal is bigger than you see.

While driving down the road I notice Burger King and thought, I used to like Burger King. Before I knew how to Google ingredients of that stuff. But never the less,  it was there for me at one point in my life that I was able to enjoy it.  So I wrote down I was Thankful for Burger King in my new gratitude journal.

Journal How Grateful you are

One of the best ways to be grateful is to record your thoughts in a journal.                   Example of a Journal

When we went inside Burger King. The manager, a younger guy was doing an inventory while his employee rushed around busy as could be. We stood there for a few minutes while the manager finished writing. He noticed us and came to take our order and that’s when we found out the plastic cups cost 25 cents now days. Gezzz…

After our order was placed, I had the feeling of discontent in the service that manager promoted. So I had my gratitude journal on me and starting writing about a time that I had great service and got to witness amazing leadership on a management team. Not even deal with my emotional attachment to how service should be or that I expect. I let it go and wrote in my journal the things I was currently enjoying.

Just a thought I do for better living. I have been doing daily is keeping a journal for a few years now. Quite the collection I have of knowledge. It takes the anger away from events I find difficult to handle. I have a few journals for different reasons and plan on sharing more information on my journals latter on.

Passing Down Knowledge

Most of all, priceless past downs to my family of the knowledge I received while I was here. I try to look at the perspective of the reader that my journals may one day have. I plan for my children to take what they need from them and start journals of their own. Each one of us can heal and be healed. The power seems to be in our own thoughts and keeping a healthy mindset

Sometimes it is so easy to get caught up with the little things in our lives that we forget all the good things. A gratitude journal helps to focus your thoughts on the what is good in your life.

Sometimes it is so easy to get caught up with the little things in our lives that we forget all the good things. A gratitude journal helps to focus your thoughts on the what is good in your life.

I remind myself that I am safe and highlight all the best parts to my day.

I even go over the blessings with the challenges I faced…. I don’t seem to repeat the same issue twice. Something is working with life and using a journal every day is one of the tools. Writing about the good in everything helps you see the good outweighing the bad. Depression seems no more when you highlight the positive out comings of the day.

Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow. — Melody Beattie

STOP destructive BEHAVIOUR

If you seriously want to start changing your life and not have the negative around anymore. You need to start a journal and Identify what brings you joy. Spotlighting the good you enjoy in your life and putting it down on paper will attract more of those good things!

Using my journal I have highlighted some of the things I admire about my father

Using my journal I have highlighted some of the things I admire about my father

I love cream cheese and had a chance to eat with a friend the other week. Right before bed I wrote in my journal and captured the name of the place and what I ordered. I listed the reason why I was there and remember a few things from the past that kept me alive. I am stronger and have proof of a joyous life. I really enjoy reading what I wrote and remembering that moment with all of its details.

So to get started get a journal right now that is special or simple. The choice is yours and for your joy alone. I like to have them all the same size and simple to carry around, 150 to 200 pages.  Click here to view some that are perfect for this exercise.

I hope some readers have taken to light journaling and would love to hear some tips or tricks that you might have to offer! Please give it a shot and start writing today about how great the day is!

You wake in the morning for news that is harmful to your ears. Either a eviction notice, or a sharp awaking from your partner. Possibly a screaming child. Oh the many ways your day can start wrong. Lets watch and see how its controlled.

  1. First step was positive attitude and outlook so it did not run the day.
    1. If you’re evicted, its time for a new home
    2. Relationship ended, time for a new one.
    3. Job ended, time for a new one
    4. Whatever it is know that it could be worse
  2. Release the fear thru self-time and distracting yourself with a clear head
    1. Go exercise to burn up cortisol

      Cortisol plays a multifaceted role in major depression and can be balanced thru exercise.

      Cortisol plays a multifaceted role in major depression and can be balanced thru exercise.

    2. Go meditate to clear your head
    3. Do yoga to find balance
    4. If you have a pet, love on it.
    5. If you have a child, love on them
  3. At The end of self-time, set your intention for the day
    1. What is your Intention?________________________________________________________
    2. What is the best possible outcome for today?____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
    3. Thank yourself for taking time for you.

Ok so now we got a game plan for the day and the right mindset to tackle it.

We see the challenges we face as already defeated by our actions we soon will take against them. I smile after I think these thoughts with a sense of joy filling my heart for being on a balanced grounded path.Nothing is gonna throw me for a loop today cause I expect it to go crazy! I know its gonna go haywire to try and throw me off of this 8 second ride we call life. But I will be strong in my actions and thoughts today.

The number 11 reminds us to stay positive in all of our thoughts because a spiritual gate has been opened for us to create what we want in our life. So dont be surprised to see 11:11am or be shocked when you change the radio station at 1:11pm. When bed time comes around and reach to set your alarm at 11:11pm. Those are signs my friend so don’t ignore your angels.

Now get out and make your day better!

It is something that people on this earth will have as a experience in their life, that actually care. Losing a loved one will change everything about you. A forced change and Ultimate change of the mind. The things you once loved to do with them are now null and void. People try to relate but seems like no one is ever understood. Different scenarios or variables leave us feeling alone, seemingly attached to the details of difference.

If you lost your way, wondering  this world and consuming its energy. Maybe hoarding something, emotions, love, or anything that is meant to be released, renewed and returned.

WhatEver it is… Let it go… I let mine go… Feel it.. BREATHE it out…

Ok now its Released…STOP Thinking….

Let it work itself in the gardens of the universe and Renew itself.

We tend reflect what we want repeating in our lives good or bad. So we repeat all the possible good that could go wrong in our heads. Keep them thoughts positiveroland

So it returns to us again healed and rejuvenated…

In the form of new love 🙂

I think you will enjoy this video, it helped me to start releasing some it