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Could you survive

Posted: June 18, 2015 in Survival, Warning
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Many of us don’t ever think it would happen. But what if you were caught in the woods with lack of gear. Maybe you have gear but do you know how to use it? Then ask how often do I use it?

It’s OK if it’s not that often. Your just like most other Americans and start 0 to 1 campfires this last year. The skillset and confidence to make fire takes practice. The need for it becomes overwhelming as cold and hunger sets in. Being able to boil drinking water is your biggest obstacle. Your body will start to shut down after 3 days of hard sweating in the mountains. Running the risk of cholera or some other type of parasitic danger if you drink the water without boiling.


Learning how to layer your fire so you always have a bed of coals and don't excessively burn your wood

So now we have it. If you were like most americans and have very little practice starting fires. You now will have 3 days to learn in the event of an emergency or you will die from dehydration. Maybe some of you are strong and make it 4 to 5 days without water. At that point think of how stressed, dehydrated and sick you will be. Making a fire will become more difficult as the days progress.

Let’s talk about food and where you THINK you would find it. One would THINK they could take the rifle and go scope the hill to find a big fat dinner with antlers. But the wolves  they introduced to the northwest forestry range have been annihilating the deer and elk stocks for quite a few years. Thus cutting back on our natural meat source most would find relief in. Leaving us with GMO cows to moo at us as we drive by on the interstate.

A better idea is wisdom of plants. This is something you can do right now from the screen of your phone. Please start studing plants and learn how to feed yourself in a time of need. This knowledge will be something that will never lose its value like so many other things we learn. Education of edible and toxic plants will save yourself and your loved ones lives.

I use a smartphone application that saves websites offline. Find the section of edible plants on your fish & Game’s website and save it to your device. Now remember to study them while you are out trekking around. Possibly taking pictures and referencing them if you don’t know what the plant is. Just think how cool  your kids will think you are for knowing all these things about natural food.

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Posted: June 2, 2015 in Self-Help, Step By Step, Warning
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Either a Craigslist buyer that flakes out,  a date, a friend or family occasions.

Getting a LEVEL of frustration thats boiling  the blood. … need to meditate… have you ever made plans and get them cancelled on you…. and than you make them again only to get cancelled. The persons does not even call and let you know to not waste the time waiting on them all day for confirmation. Letting the weekend go by that you set aside to help.  

Steps to take:

1: Let it go and understand that you’re time is not that important to them. They don’t have to respect your friendship, but you don’t have to be their friend either.

2: Don’t give up your time again for that person after you feel the hurt. If you can without appearing needy.
Talk with them

3: Find a guided meditation on YouTube that attracts love. A universal love and not just relationship love.

3: If your really upset… guided mediation on acceptance, grief or forgiveness. It will help you get out of the victim mindset and moves into attracting the loyal friends you need.

4: Go for a run or swimming… burn up some of the chemical that can put you into depression.  Cortisol….

5:  You have cleared your thoughts and removed yourself from a victim mindset. See that they are the victims cause they don’t get to enjoy you or your time.

6: THANK THE UNIVERSE FOR THE PROTECTION IT OFFERED YOU. Things don’t workout for a reason. If it’s not happening… it’s not ment to be. Maybe you could have been hurt more latter on in the friendship.

7: Admire and respect those who DO want to be In your life and respects your time. Shows you the same courtesy you offer.

8: You will never have to chase true love or loyal friends. Keep faith that your worth more than what they have to offer you.

9: Show grace to all you meet, but value your time.

10: Try to be better friends this week to those that are in your life and let go of those who are not to excited to be in yours.

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The need for Lip fillers and State of emergency over?

Lip enhancement is her trending topic, but the message her grandpa had to send was deeper. William Jenner Putting out the United Nations infiltration into America’s education system.

The insecurities of the world are not that bad. Kylie Jenner’s lips make top searches for today along with Baltimore Riots. The capabilities to drop 5000 troops in a heartbeat at the governor’s fingertips. While her grandpa warned us about this power in 1952. Trending topics telling warning signs maybe? Dive with me into my wonders today:)

I find it amazingly funny that the 50,000 searches were on this type of female enhancement.

Having the freedom to express ourselves as we see fit. But Seriously investigating into whether or not she has had this surgery is pushing it for privacy concern. She is 17 years old first off. Its her parents choice to allow her to fill the void in her heart with lip filler. Men, What girl have you ever met that did not have attractive lips? Almost all girls have very nice lips. But this little girl is keeping up with the Kardashians and setting up Trends!Unnamed image (1)

If you want to see all the little puffed up lips doing this click here for the Hashtag of them sucking on cups to get fat lips?

Really really enjoyed my day with all these funny pictures of girls sucking on a glass to puff up their lips. This was a wonderful distraction for a thirty minutes. Normally I am worrying about militarization of the police force. Not laughing at goofy little girls and this odd trend.
Meanwhile in the world the Baltimore Riots are over and the effects are being felt by the small business that suffered heavy damages during the riots. Estimated 200 businesses, rioters also torched 144 cars, according to police, although some were police or other official vehicles. So we have military police storming up Baltimore’s roads while girls are suckiing on glass for fat lips. Quite shocked that military was called in to this little party Baltimore had.

A Maryland Army National Guard Soldier keeps watch in front of City Hall in Baltimore, April 28, to help deter violence in that area. The Maryland National Guard was activated to assist local law enforcement officials with peacekeeping operations in the city during recent protests. (Photo by Staff Sgt. Ron Lee, 29th Mobile Public Affairs Detachment)

A Maryland Army National Guard Soldier keeps watch in front of City Hall in Baltimore, April 28, to help deter violence in that area. The Maryland National Guard was activated to assist local law enforcement officials with peacekeeping operations in the city during recent protests. (Photo by Staff Sgt. Ron Lee, 29th Mobile Public Affairs Detachment)

With the mayor boasting about 5000 troops available to support riot control I am not surprised to see the riot cleaned up as fast as it did. I guess a state of emergency is the next step down from martial law. The amount of cops that were called in was quite a sight to see on youtube.

I just sit here and laugh at the range of topics the rush thru our little country called America. I look back at the “black and blue dress” and think about what science experiment the government was doing on Unnamed image (2)us. I hope that more of you spend your days studying something rather than sucking on cups or riots down the streets.

I looked into Kylie’s father, Bruce Jenner. An athlete that has a lot of photos of female appearance.

Then dive one deeper to Kylie Jenner’s grandpa, William Ezra Jenner (July 21, 1908 – March 9, 1985) was a U.S. Republican Indiana State and U.S. Senator. 

In Congress,. He stated in 1954:
“Today the path of total dictatorship in the United States can be laid by strictly legal means, unseen and unheard by the Congress, the President, or the people. Outwardly we have a Constitutional government. We have operating within our government and political system, another body representing another form of government – a bureaucratic elite.”

Jenner alleged that the United Nations had infiltrated the American educational system in 1952. If you want more info in the United Nations in our schools.

I love how Kylie Jenner is a trending topic and her grandpa spoke on the corruption in the political system. We try to look deeper than just the puffy lips when we see something intriguing.

If you have any other odd trends, please comment them below I’m so interested in the odd stuff.

Paladins Notes from an Interview with Dr George Simon Author of  “In Sheeps Clothing”

  • There are manipulative people around in this world. They need to continue to manipulate people to survive. Lifestyle does not seem to change thru life, especially Sociopaths.
  • Struggling with Anxieties and insecurities inside, but they portray a mild, charming and likeable aura
  • Neurotic and disorders
    • Lack in conscious – Sociopaths
      • They are sneaky and establish any relationship for the sole purpose of personal gain.
      • They are covert
    • self absorbed – Narcissists 
      • they don’t mind people knowing they are
      • They don’t care about you, they don’t care if you know either
    • Aggressive Narcissist is very persistent in their views
    • The experts on Neurosis are the active neurotic people
    • Anger is adaptive, Right a wrong, remove a threat from our life
    • Disturbed characters are so successful, They can’t stomach the Idea to give in to anything even if it will benefit them in the long wrong.
    • Handling these characters is to keep the ball in their court. They will try to keep it in your court, making you have to handle their issues.
    • Do you want their mental problem? Do you want that in your life? That problem belongs to someone else and not to you

Signs they are a sociopath

  • Lacks caring (dexter type) Most sociopaths are not killers, but wish you never had them in your life.
  • 1 out of 25 people are
  • oversized ego, Their identity is superior to everyone
  • Lying and showing manipulative behaviour all the time, pathological
  • Lack of empathy, guilt or shame
  • oozing charm but superficial
  • Having intense eyes, when you lock eyes with them, they don’t get the awkward feeling that most do
  • They are savors.

How to spot a extreme  Narcissists

  • Center of his own universe
  • Everyone has a bit of narcissism in them
  • Children that were wounded, some type of attachment problem. Had to prove themselves to their parents.
  • Creates someone to portray something they are not. They take qualities from people and put them into themselves
  • They see the opportunity to use people, attracted to codependent people.
  • Codependent people attract Narcissists
  • They turn the argument back on you,or blame you for their faults.
  • Craving for attention or admiration
  • World reflected in their image
  • Do they turn the conversion back to them.
  • Reacting to criticism with anger or shame
  • require consent attention
  • pursuing selfish goals
  • having issues keeping emotional relationships or friendships

How to handle Narcissists

  1. Dont fall in love with a Narcissists- learn the signs and run
  2. If you stay in the relationship, hold your ground
    1. trust your self
    2. dont challenge the delusions
  3. If your partner becomes enraged when you hold your ground, leave the relationship
  4. Frame things according them them
    1. Stroke their ego in requests
  5. Remember they are fragile
  6. Pick your battles and save your energy

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