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One persons trash is anothers persons treasure. Unfortunately we treat our relations with others in this manner. When we feel like someone’s trash let’s  think of how many people are happy you became single. Hence you become a new treasure!

Now what about when we are single? What should we do to maintian sanity?

I know somethings that never were beneficial;
Hunting– term used to find potential partners at a bar or event.
Looking for love in general has never been very profitable. The love we seek seems to just happen at the drop of a dime on a randomized day. Unpredictable in nature, but just as beautiful as nature when it blooms.
Facebook trolling/scrolling- wasting most of the day trying to connect with people I never was ment to connect with.
Random messages- Seriously think of how many messages girls/guys get from creepy individuals, alot. This also has not been a good investment of energy.
Getting Butt Hurt- when you send this random message and she/he does not respond. Don’t be a rude and blame them for your insecurities.
Naughty pictures- a warning to both genders, others will see your goodies. Girls are even starting to post the penis pictures to facebook. Best not to EVER do this.

Depression/crazy- if she/he dont respond to your messages or you have issues with how fast they respond. You need to be single. See below, how to build a lofe to be proud of. See how long your depression lasts when you accomplish some goals.

Being single gives you more time to mature as an adult and to properly get to know who you are and what you actually want in life… Both single and taken have their pros and cons. But no matter what you’re feeling on your single status, one thing remains true: you are free. This freedom seems like eternal prison sometimes, but its good for you to grow without relationship influence. Learn what you love, discover your goals and ambitions, and write down your priorities.

Tackling the world may seem like a never ending task,  cause it is until you die. Get used to handling stress and trials on your own. Building this confidence up is nothing but sexy to those who pursue you in the shadows. We all have secret admirers that have been too shy to speak up. Keep that in mind when you feel like a lonely little duck. Keep pushing thru life building your empire of your dreams. Pursuing your life goals will attract the right energy you need to succeed.

Sometimes we fall in love and its nothing but a toxic relationship. Energy draining and consumed by negitive emotions. How can one succeed? Dont keep anything that does not nourish your soul, hold fast to all that does.


Build a life to be proud of
Do you play the guitar? Maybe learn so you can share.
Write poetry? Don’t be scared to share
Are you a history nut? Expand your knowledge deeper.
Do you volunteer? Kindness is sexy.

My point is to learn something… learn something you can teach or share with your partner.
Don’t be boring,  get some hobbies.

Are you ready to date?
Do you have income?
Know how to love?
Know yourself?
Know your boundaries?
Are you happy being alone?
Do you need someone or want someone?

When one or more of these is lacking, chances are your better off without the distraction until you gain control of your life.

Being single is a great time to be you! So many options!

If your recently single and wondering “what the hell happened?”  You or your partner were lacking. Self-healing starts at self-respect, self-reliance and self-love. You attract the energy you put out, be wise to your energy investments and don’t be self-loathing.wp-1467331473224.jpg


Self-hatred (also called self-loathing) refers to an extreme dislike or hatred of oneself, or being angry at or even prejudiced against oneself.

If you dont love yourself, no one else will either.

Be strong my readers, hope you enjoyed this 🙂


Naturopathic Paladin


I remember when we scaled the hills in search of fancy rocks. Showing me the roads I never travelled. How did I not see them before, a light in the tunnel you are. Seems I have never seen them before and I have trekked the hills far and wide. I was baffled and stunned by your hidden wisdom. I saw this girl you want to be and I see it even more when you were with me. Looking true as a bee as you sift thru the rocks. Beautiful Queen you might just be to me.

A cabin full of plans and shack in need of fiber glass. A place we signed the names of ours brings joy and ease, but pushes me. It pushes me to believe you mean more to me, I wish you would see that the world was meant for you and me. I guarantee you got the best in the northwest. My heart is unmatched and my determination is on track. All these guys think they are so fly, but in the end I see you say Bye bye.love_hearts_pair-3840x2160

My worries are gone for I know it won’t be long. I have been soaking your heart so you know I’m not tart. I wish you to be right next to me, then one day ill be down on one knee. I’ll scream out please and ask you to be with me. Ill always be true and you will never see me blue. Because I got a clue what is true and will go through. So lets be the few who cuddle during curfew with the no need to ever sue. Me and you I know to be true.

I want the family you have already. I love the time I share and wish I was there for square. Forever I see my self next to thee, friends and lovers. You hide it from me but I truly see how you feel for me. You say you can’t date, but that’s not your fate.

That smile you have reaches out and grabs all that you will be and hopefully places you right next to me. Family is key and I wont miss my beat. No matter what you say Ill always lead the way. A step at a time will always lead me to a dime. Im not fake and all I want is you at the lake.

I’m holding out for a hero to sweep me off my feet. Gotta be strong and fresh from the fight. Has to have the intelligence to keep up with the ever-changing world. My feelings will be my guide to knowing your face. The aroma of my hero will be overwhelming with confidence. Has to be larger than life and full of divine love.

I have to feel the nurture of love with every touch. The unconditional loyalty that many dream of and integrity unmatched. Who could deny these butterflies that I have. They inspire me to be greater and go further than the rest. Do what most would fear and finish with a smile.

The miles I will run for your smile to be apart of my night. Adventures I will face on my path to your hand will be filled with heroic and heroism. Having searched the earth for the soul that could harbour mine and been to the darkest woods to find out who I am. My demons were abolished with everlasting light filled with sparkling love.Ill be yours

I am the hero you are holding out for in the night.  The white knight in armor and a dazzling smile to share. I have been the one in your dreams that catches you when you fall. You may have never seen my face but you long for my touch. You dream of eternal joy by my side. Knowing that I will always be there for my hero. People call us the dynamic duo as we conquer the world and its escapades. You be my princess and I’ll be your super man.

We will fly over the cities and drop flowers for couple in love. Seeing the many cultures of this world as we travel in with our love. Marveling at the great pyramids in the background of your smile. How it melts my soul to see you full of joy and to walk the Nile. It felt like I parted the sea when I asked and got down on one knee. The fire in your eyes made me realize we would fly high.

When I stop looking you come sneaking up on my heart. When My eyes stop searching through the crowds they meet yours. At my random moments you capture my attention with little effort. A Piece of my soul found in you. Like a blast blew apart my soul long ago and remains scattered throughout the universe. When the sparkle hits my heart and I feel as if I have known you forever. Each smile you share with me lights a fire I lack the vocabulary to describe.  Could that be you inside that body I see. Is that who you truly are? Do you want to love and learn to love better?

My heart goes out to those that taught me how to love better at the cost of a relationship. I dig deep into the loss and study its lessons. My hopes are to be a better partner and an overall better person. Planting seeds of love through our activities and protecting from seeds of fear. Never to worry if one’s love is true again. For if she runs to another it is only to display her potential loyalty. It shows the integrity she has to offer you. It’s the universe keeping your standards when you become blind to beauty.

Blinded by beauty every moment I look. I fancy your Long, healthy and maintained hair. An authentic smile that leaves me pacing out my words. Some passion and showmanship of your life in every action. I enjoy the rush I get every interaction and find a sweet addiction within her. Seeing her interact with the world marvels my eyes and loses focus for a moment.

She has so much more than attractive looks to offer me. Everyday she is expanding my mind and helping me become a better person. Not thru changes to me, but by example. I have faith that my weakness is only one if I let it be. She helps me see the weaknesses I have thru uncovering the masks I placed on them. Intermixing our duality together for a complete oneness. The feeling of honeymoon as most would call it.

I like to look at the honeymoon as the period of acceptance and unconditional love for all a person has to offer. Once we stop lovingly accepting behaviours of our partner I feel is Key moment we fall out of love. I am glad I found a soul that laughs at me when I misplaced things. Highlighting the good in situations by remembering the lessons. She looks to me with grace and established trust. Knowing that this could be it while accepting that it may not.

I’m appreciative she became aware of me and builds me up with positive support. I find her building herself to be a beacon of light to others. Feeling her heart yearn to be better only fuels my own desires to do the same. Seeing the joys we both find in common filled with authentic feelings exchanged.

My joy of running is never hindered by her presence in my life. Only to find her running the same area on a different path. Where the alley meets the curb and the next street is your only sign. The day we bumped arms was a day full of divine. Not out of need or lost in desire our souls begin to spiral. But as you run your way, I’ll see you again. A story to tell and some fame to claim.

Forcing partners to learn too much, too fast can also be a risk  for your honeymoon phase. So living with each other to soon and 24/7 contact is a huge change from what you are used to. The vibrations will be felt and covered with acceptance for a length of time. Until the time frustration outweighs the ability of your acceptance. But that won’t happen with us, cause we have started so slow. We got time and I love to see our hearts shine.

Forever True

Naturopathic Paladin

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Falling in love will increase neuronal activity in the areas of the brain associated with pleasure — the very same ones that activate with cocaine use. Using this knowledge to understand that love is a drug and the come down is the worst. That person we had in our lives every day is gone and left you needing a fix. A feeling that every soul on this earth will have a chance to feel. We all have lost someone they love to the worldly challenges a relationship faces.

Let’s face the facts about most of us and no one has a good track record for keeping a relationship. So to expect someone to stay with you forever is quite out of the picture with our modern-day lifestyle. Seeing most relationships last only 2-3 years before they crumble unless they get married or have a good understanding. Life is an experience and you don’t have to sleep with everyone you start seeing. Try to be a persons friend and you will last longer in their lives. Its experiences that we share that build the relationship most try to jump into.

I seek the wisdom of those over 5-6 years with a partner and would love you to comment tricks. how long you waited to move in together? General timelines for sex, i love you, etc that you can think of.

But its been a few months and that one you thought was forever starts not talking to you as much. The fire seemed to die down and all the ash is left. Feels as if the love you started to form went up in smoke and your alone sitting in the ashes.

All people have a choice in the first 6 months of seeing someone if they want to stay with them. Sometimes the incentives we offer up freely don’t attract what we think we want. They attract what we need to have happen to us. The problem is now your hurt and gonna have some walls towards the next guy. That’s where your fear will bring about that same pattern in every relationship till you see the pattern. Identify the fear and release it.

Learn to use the owl totem to help see past people’s masks. See that sometimes people are just selfish and don’t express their true emotions. They say what they think others want to hear in order to please their surroundings cause they in turn are not happy with life. Gotta love life and be infectious with your love. Finding a soul that is really happy and not gonna feed off your happiness is tricky.
I always build my life up for us and remember to keep doing it even when I meet a pretty distraction. We are all meant for our own destinations. When we get off path and become focused on the wrong thing or person. We can only hope the universe ends it before it does more damage than teaches. Let your spiritual development be your goal of your life thru all your trials. Know that if an influence is not good for your spirit, the guides will help you remove it.
  Fall in love every time. Over and over again and again. Even when it hurts and scares you silly. Because the benefits in life outweigh the risks. Because it’s beautiful and fun and painful and terrifying, and totally worth it
 I am fond of a saying I heard about a blast long ago that shattered my soul into thousands of pieces. They reached the farthest depths of space. Coming to form peice at a time in each new soul that I am destined to meet. Finding a little piece of my soul in everyone that I love. Some have had bigger parts, but all have a connection to my heart.

Let’s apply “The Secret” principles here.

If instead of conentrating on your partner’s flaws,
you concentrate on the things you love about them,
you would be much happier in your life and would
be glad to have them in your life.

Instead of trying to change them, if you just accept
them as a human being, you would have peace of mind
and someone who would probably accept your flaws
also in return.

Staying in Love is a choice. The more you think
about the positive aspects of your relationship and
how much you love your partner, the more satisfied
you are and the happier you will be.

It’s like the Law of Attraction from “The Secret”.

You attract in your life what you think about.

So if you are in love, and you would like to
keep it that way, you need to learn how to keep
the love alive.

Love doesn’t take care of itself. Especially in
the early stages of a relationship (right after the honeymoon
phase). It will go away if you don’t care about
it and don’t give it the nourishment that it

Naturopathic Paladin

The 7 Deadly Texting Mistakes

Mistake #1: Confusing Responses for Attraction

Before you’ve had your first date with a girl, she won’t feel much of a connection to you. As unfortunate as it may be, you’re probably not the only guy texting her.

See, a common mistake most guys make when they’re texting a girl is that they mistake responses for attraction. Often when a guy is getting a response from a girl, he believes that he’s getting closer to getting her on a date or to seducing her.

The exact opposite is true!

The more texts you send before meeting up with a girl means the less of a chance you have of actually meeting up with her! That’s right: even if a girl is RESPONDING to your texts, you’re not getting yourself ANY closer to actually getting her out on a date.

Instead, say more with less.

Whenever you’re considering what to text a girl, see if you can say it simpler, with less text. Most guys send pointless texts to women like, “How’s your day?” or “Enjoying the warm weather?” These texts DO NOT bring you ANY closer to a woman! They just beg for a response (which doesn’t mean anything).

To make sure you NEVER again waste texts on pointless chatter, ask yourself this golden question:

How is this text bringing this girl and I closer to a date?

If your answer is simply “to get her to know her better,” erase the text. It’s not going to help you.

Mistake #2: Not Conveying “Fun”

Here is the simple truth. When a woman gives you her number she is NOT signing a social contract to go out with you…

And until it seems FUN for her… she’s probably not going to bother meeting up with you.

So when you send boring texts that don’t display any personality or don’t elicit any emotions in her… in her mind you’re not worth the trouble of meeting up with.

Here are some signs you’re NOT being fun.

  • Am I being stiff and formal “Hi. It was nice meeting you friday”…. (too stiff. too formal)
  • Am I putting pressure on her to keep the convo going?
  • Am I badgering her with questions?

Remember, every text you send should make you seem like the FUN OPTION. The escape from her boring day.

Mistake #3: Not Having a Texting Style

If you’re texting an attractive woman chances are you are NOT the only guy she is getting a text from today.

Hate to break it to you.

But between other guys pursuing her, ex boyfriends, co-workers, classmates, and so on… she’s got a lot of guys vying for her attention.

So if you want to stand out, your texts need to display your unique style and personality.

She should be able to know its a text from you just by reading it (even if the name was blocked).

What words, phrases, punctuation, or emoticons are uniquely yours?

Mistake #4: Having Long Text Conversations

Text conversations are NOT the same as actual conversations.

Texting should be the “Super cool” cliff notes of a normal conversation. Meaning leave out the formalities.

The longer the conversation the more chances to mess things up or run into akward confusion.

Every time you pick up the phone… jump right into the good stuff. Start with an anectdote. Start with a teasing nickname. Find a way to quickly spark an emotion and get her paying full attention to you.

Mistake #5: Going for the Meetup without Sparking Emotion

Here is another hard, cold fact. If you ask a woman to hang out, without first sparking an emotion.. she will almost always turn you down.


Because all of the positive emotions she felt when she was with you have dwindled.

And the thought of getting dressed up, and going to meet a guy she barely knows (and the potential you’ll turn out to be a creep or just awkward) is not worth the effort.

Logically she can easily talk herself out of it.

Which is why you MUST engage her on an emotional level first.

It is MUCH easier to get a “yes” out of a woman once you’ve sparked a positive emotion.

The two best ways to do this are with flirting or humor.

Here’s an important concept…

She is NOT going to remember all your good qualities. So it’s your JOB to remind her.

Mistake #6: Becoming too “Predictable”

Lets say that you’ve now succeeded in getting a date with a girl. You may think you’re home free when it comes to texting, but there’s still some things you need to keep in mind to ensure you CONTINUE to see your girls.

First, you never want to fall into predictable patterns. Lots of guys use the same jokes, same questions, and same texts over and over. While it may be easier to fall into “complacency” with a woman you’re dating, don’t do it!

Instead, break things up with something spicy every once in a while. Tell her you have a “surprise” to show her later. Tell her something reminded you of her, but don’t tell her what it is right away. Ask her to send you a funny picture of something (or send her a funny picture of something).

Keep her guessing what your text will be and you’ll keep her interested in you. Moreover, keeping the “spark” of a relationship alive is very important when it comes to creating a great sex life.

As long as you don’t become ultra predictable, you should have your girl texting YOU asking YOU when you’re available to hang out.

Mistake #7: Thinking She’s Different

I have stressed over and over again “Never tell a girl how you feel about her over text”…

Yet, day after day I get emails from students telling me a story about how they confessed their feelings to a girl over text…

And every time they scare the girl away.

In your mind, you’re going to try to convince yourself that “She is different.”

Or that “It won’t work on her.”

But the minute you tell yourself ‘she’s different’ you are on the road to losing her…

Guys continually do things like:

  • Texting her too much
  • Paying her gushing compliments over text
  • Not asking her to hang out because you’re scared…

And time and time again they’ll face the same consequences as all the other guys have…

She’s not different. And if anytime you start thinking she is, pull out this article and re-read it.


So now that you know the big mistakes you need to avoid, it’s time formulate a solid game plan.

Some of the things you’ll learn:

  • How to capitalize on attraction before it fades
  • The single biggest ingredient for capturing her attention
  • 3 specific types of texts you need to send (in order) to turn her on and get her anxious to meet up.

via 7 Deadly Texting Mistakes and How to Avoid Them.

Dead obvious when she don’t digg you. She don’t like your stuff anymore on Facebook, you initiate contact all the time. You are the one asking to hang out. I like the loyalties of a girl who asks and pushes to hang out more than the one I have had issues setting the date up.

Do you sound like your complaining in your requests?
Never mention how busy she has told you she has been.
Why haven’t you been busy? Build up your life with stories and adventures to share. US males need to not be so needy in our requests of women we barely know.

Stop looking past things just because her attractiveness is overpowering…

But if you notice you know so much about her and she knows very little about you or she has much to vent…. she’s not into you. She is into herself and not looking for a true connection with a human. Would you hang out if she was a guy?

Physical attraction is a huge part, but once you get used to being around that attractive person… we find out what we don’t have in common more then we do, if we let our eyes lead. Some of the best potential partnerships have been a true friend first.

The peacock reminds us not take life so seriously, including beauty.

Some of us guys tend to storm the beach whenever we land our battleships….

Best thing I have found is to run tests and look for the red flags… don’t ignore them…

Don’t message her until she messaged you this could go on for weeks.

Try to tell her a story…. see if you can finish it without interruption.

Do you like more things about her then she does about you?

Facebook chats and texts short sweet and to the point.

When your self-esteem starts to suffer for it

When you start to think you are going crazy about the whole situation

If you’re wondering if you should stop pursuing her, it’s probably time.

This comes down to an issue of having healthy boundaries. Boundaries are emotional markers that clearly define where one person ends, and the other person begins—the health and happiness of one person is not determined by the other. With healthy boundaries you are free to be yourself, and not feel like your happiness is dependent on what another person thinks about you. This makes you confident and allows you to be comfortable around other people and develop healthy relationships.

I appreciate a girl who shuts down an advancements as soon as it gets started. Keeps the guys heart from being improperly invested. US males invest our hearts to fast. Help us not do that to our selves and just be our friend sometimes. But if we can’t get past our attachments, we will never truly be happy with what we think makes us happy. I feel like a stalker when I have to beg for attention or steal it..

Please comment, I would love to adjust or experience a different perspective. Very open