Meditation— Personal Experience

Posted: May 3, 2015 in Healing, Meditation, Self-Love
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About 4 months ago is when I became addicted to one of the best practices I have found to clear my head and make the right choice. Be able to foreshadow events with accurate visions and push myself physically.

Yesterday while I was exercising, I was really pushing myself using the thought that I could harness energy from the universe. As I closed my eyes, I saw it… The energy outline of my spirit pulling my body forward. Pushing me thru the challenge of muscle failure, but they never failed. Today is a different story, sore as can be and currently stretching. But focusing on my breathing and clearing my thoughts, gave me some power 🙂

I really believe that our spirit is there for us when we call upon it. But remembering to call upon it has slipped my mind for most of my life. Lack of knowledge of what us humans are really capable of with our mind and self doubts seemed to run my life as far as I can remember. I remind myself everyday of my self worth, while building a support line of great friends that understand how to make me feel special.

Meditation on good thoughts of love and abundance were the main highlights in the beginning for me. I looked around and noticed how many people have love for me. That put me in a state of now, Right now I have abundant of love…

Pray and meditate as if you have it already and you are enjoying the fruits of it.

This works for me, Have a good day

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