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Booty bumping time!

Is it healthful?

Love her or hate her, It’s no secret that Kim Kardashian has brought back the booty. Yes, the big butt is back. So, how do you get yours?
Well there is obviously a genetic component, so if your parents are 100-metre sprint champions, top racehorses, or you just happen to be the child of Beyoncé (hi Blue if you’re reading), it’s going to come easily to you. If you don’t happen to have a rich, big-butted heritage then the next best thing is to do some butt-biased exercises.

Believe it or not, a review paper of multiple scientific studies has listed some of the most common lower limb exercises and how much each exercise activates the gluteus maximus muscle. The gluteus maximus muscle makes up the vast, vast majority of the buttocks, so if you train this muscle, it and your butt should increase in size. Therefore, this study tells…

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You wake in the morning for news that is harmful to your ears. Either a eviction notice, or a sharp awaking from your partner. Possibly a screaming child. Oh the many ways your day can start wrong. Lets watch and see how its controlled.

  1. First step was positive attitude and outlook so it did not run the day.
    1. If you’re evicted, its time for a new home
    2. Relationship ended, time for a new one.
    3. Job ended, time for a new one
    4. Whatever it is know that it could be worse
  2. Release the fear thru self-time and distracting yourself with a clear head
    1. Go exercise to burn up cortisol

      Cortisol plays a multifaceted role in major depression and can be balanced thru exercise.

      Cortisol plays a multifaceted role in major depression and can be balanced thru exercise.

    2. Go meditate to clear your head
    3. Do yoga to find balance
    4. If you have a pet, love on it.
    5. If you have a child, love on them
  3. At The end of self-time, set your intention for the day
    1. What is your Intention?________________________________________________________
    2. What is the best possible outcome for today?____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
    3. Thank yourself for taking time for you.

Ok so now we got a game plan for the day and the right mindset to tackle it.

We see the challenges we face as already defeated by our actions we soon will take against them. I smile after I think these thoughts with a sense of joy filling my heart for being on a balanced grounded path.Nothing is gonna throw me for a loop today cause I expect it to go crazy! I know its gonna go haywire to try and throw me off of this 8 second ride we call life. But I will be strong in my actions and thoughts today.

The number 11 reminds us to stay positive in all of our thoughts because a spiritual gate has been opened for us to create what we want in our life. So dont be surprised to see 11:11am or be shocked when you change the radio station at 1:11pm. When bed time comes around and reach to set your alarm at 11:11pm. Those are signs my friend so don’t ignore your angels.

Now get out and make your day better!

The Naturopathic Paladin has been following Sarah Beth for sometime now. I can not even explain the huge change in my body and also in my life. Seeking natural energy from the universe thru yoga has helped me navigate thru my day with easy. I look forward to practicing this more and learning the inspiration behind Sara Beth to create such a great weekly free routine for people. Make sure to check back to see updates as we practice throughout the week.


Sarah Beth offers a Free #7DayYogaChallenge for those that would like to get into a routine of doing yoga everyday. She does an amazing job at making you feel at ease while you learn the practices of yoga. I am very thankful for all the work she has put into her videos and very proud to share her to the world in this positive review of how she helped mold this Paladin.

View all her videos

Sunday – Slow Stretch Restorative Yoga Routine –

Today we’re going to slow it down with a 15 Minute Slow Stretch Restorative Yoga Routine. This will be a great way to recover & stretch, especially if you’re sore.

After doing this routine today, life seemed to ease up a bit. Amazing what the stress relief from this exercise did for my reality. Being offered a few more opportunities to succeed thru some new friends immediately after conducting this. I am very excited for tomorrow morning’s yoga and hope some people enjoy this Challenge Review.

Naturopathic Paladin

Monday – Morning Vinyasa Yoga Routine

Today’s routine is a 15 minute Morning Vinyasa Yoga Routine. We’ll use modifications to make this a gentle vinyasa flow, which means we’ll use a repetitive 1 breath, 1 movement to gently massage your muscles loose.

This monday morning got my heart racing a little bit. For being in pretty good shape, Sarah Beth got me working those muscles that never come out to play. I really enjoyed the speed of it once I got the hang of the routine at the very end. I feel very awake and ready to tackle the day after that little work out, got me huff n puff n a bit. After I finished Money’s routine my neck was a bit sore from sleeping odd, so I gave the Stiff Neck Routine a try. 

Naturopathic Paladin

Tuesday – Heart Opening Hatha Yoga Routine

Stretch and breathe deep as you open your shoulders, chest and upper back in this heart opening, posture improving hatha yoga sequence.

Wednesday – Power Yoga Workout

Get strong with this 15 minute Power Yoga Workout. Part of the “7 Day Yoga Challenge” with a yoga routine for each day of the week.

Thursday – Twist & Rinse Vinyasa Yoga Routine

Rinse and Twist in this Vinyasa Yoga Routine to detox the old to make space for the new

Friday – Feel Good Hip Opening Hatha Yoga Routine

Stretch out your legs and hips with this feel good 15 minute Hatha Yoga Routine.

Saturday – Strong & Balanced Power Yoga Routine

Get strong & balanced with this 15 minute Balance & Strength Power Yoga Routine.

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Content all belongs to SarahBethYoga

Just sharing how it changed my life.

So I have been working on a good morning routine that involves;

  • Stretch
  • Yoga
  • Watch the sunrise and harness the Energy for the day
  • Meditation and prayers
    • Self-love
    • Sending love to those who need
    • Remembering things that bring me joy (my dog, kids, hobby)
  • Person or pet loving time (dog walk)
  • Drink 2 glasses of water
  • Laugh in the mirror to myself
    • Write in my gratitude journal
  • Dont turn on my electronics till I have this list done.
  • Removing the attachment to what is going on in the world and focusing on what my intentions of the day are.
  • Me time…
  • Make someones day, right off the bat 🙂

After I do all these tasks…. My smile is unmatched, my energy is full no matter how much lack in sleep the night prior. I can’t even explain with English vocabulary what it is like to feel energized like this in the morning and carry it all day… 🙂

  • If I find my self unable to sleep, I look at it as a moment to meditate… and I drift off.
  • In long car rides I close those eyes and clear my thoughts. Give my head a break from all the chatter in there.

*** more to come, check for updates 🙂

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