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Family and friends,
Today is always hard for this Paladin. Today my son would be 5 and man have I had plenty of time to think about it. Each and every year on this day I shed a tear or more.  This year is powerful, coming to terms with reality it feels like. But I know that I can do it. I can be a great influence in a young childs mind. I have patience that is unmatched by most. This trait came from many years of beating myself up over what happen.

No one has been here to tell me how to feel, what to say or what to do. Each and every post here on this blog has been a test to see if it would help. Help me understand the meaning in all that has become of the event. Help me find light when I was in a dark place. I truly don’t know where I would be without people who love me. You reminded me of my purpose here on earth,  ensured me that this was a new beginning. Here I am 4 years latter with a blessed life and still looking back on that life changing event. I thought that was the end of the world! But here I am, alive and sharing my story.

I have the worst grammar in the world and google is my best friend for spelling. These challenges dont slow down my momentum. Sometimes I just need to get out some words to assist myself understand something that I am feeling. Thank you for supporting me and loving me.
Grab a child today and love on em for me 🙂

To the many people in my life, I got something to say.
“You have a beautiful heart.”
“You are an amazing friend.”
“You’re a wonderful mother.”
“You inspire me.”
“Your work on that project was incredible.”
“You’re a great listener.”
You’re a really strong person!

If the compliment fits, it was ment for you.
Have a blessed day people



When was the last time you spent quality time with your child? How did they act afterwards?  Notice the change when they have a role model and when they are brushed off due to being busy? Do you see the tantrums increase the less you spend with them?

Many of us are so busy in our world that we forget to stop and smell the roses with our kids. Those roses will bloom and wilt just as fast as they grow up. Then what? Well you possibly missed out on a special part of your child’s life. Was texting or scrolling on facebook worth it?  Taking small bits of your time everyday away from your children. I feel many of us will feel the pain we created for ourselves when they arrive in the teenage era.

The era I think we call can agree was when we were most hard on our parents. Why were we so hard to handle? Well I may only speak for my own experience unfortunately. But I did not have anyone stable or consistently in my life. New family to learn from and get ready to go onto the next.

I never jumped on the trampoline with my family. Until  just the last few years have I been able to build a relationship with them. Since then I am very consistent in the people I love lives. I never had a good example of love growing up. I have had to learn how to love on my own terms. Messing it up a few times, but humble enough to fix my issues.

The kids need family and lots of love.