Cat Spirit Animal

Posted: November 5, 2015 in Spirit Animals
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So you think that everything has to flow according to plan? Cat is here to tell you that there is magic afoot, and to toss those plans out the window. Something bigger and better is just around the corner.

-Symbolic message from the Cat(

I find myself getting my hopes up all the time only to be let down. Being excited for the future but setting myself up for failure. Setting expectations has been my downfall in alot of opportunities.
I do this cause im stubborn and I want to learn my way. I want to attain the goals I set for each endeavor. But its all for my greater good if something I THINK I desire, does not play out. Accepting all with little resistance for that negitive energy to harbor. Having a confidence to know that I will make a better choice the next time around. Notice and Be grateful for the blessings I take for granted. Handle each challenge or adventure with confidence and love.

The Cat opens our eyes to the spirit world and reminds us we can create whatever we want to create. All that is required is to beleive in yourself and be true to your word. The world has blessed you with many tools and skills you need to complete what you desire in this world. Don’t stand still and watch it all go by. Focus on your dreams now and surround yourself by joy




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