The Pilgrimage for a Soul Mate

Posted: May 18, 2015 in Dating, Faith, Relationships, Soul Mates
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When I stop looking you come sneaking up on my heart. When My eyes stop searching through the crowds they meet yours. At my random moments you capture my attention with little effort. A Piece of my soul found in you. Like a blast blew apart my soul long ago and remains scattered throughout the universe. When the sparkle hits my heart and I feel as if I have known you forever. Each smile you share with me lights a fire I lack the vocabulary to describe.  Could that be you inside that body I see. Is that who you truly are? Do you want to love and learn to love better?

My heart goes out to those that taught me how to love better at the cost of a relationship. I dig deep into the loss and study its lessons. My hopes are to be a better partner and an overall better person. Planting seeds of love through our activities and protecting from seeds of fear. Never to worry if one’s love is true again. For if she runs to another it is only to display her potential loyalty. It shows the integrity she has to offer you. It’s the universe keeping your standards when you become blind to beauty.

Blinded by beauty every moment I look. I fancy your Long, healthy and maintained hair. An authentic smile that leaves me pacing out my words. Some passion and showmanship of your life in every action. I enjoy the rush I get every interaction and find a sweet addiction within her. Seeing her interact with the world marvels my eyes and loses focus for a moment.

She has so much more than attractive looks to offer me. Everyday she is expanding my mind and helping me become a better person. Not thru changes to me, but by example. I have faith that my weakness is only one if I let it be. She helps me see the weaknesses I have thru uncovering the masks I placed on them. Intermixing our duality together for a complete oneness. The feeling of honeymoon as most would call it.

I like to look at the honeymoon as the period of acceptance and unconditional love for all a person has to offer. Once we stop lovingly accepting behaviours of our partner I feel is Key moment we fall out of love. I am glad I found a soul that laughs at me when I misplaced things. Highlighting the good in situations by remembering the lessons. She looks to me with grace and established trust. Knowing that this could be it while accepting that it may not.

I’m appreciative she became aware of me and builds me up with positive support. I find her building herself to be a beacon of light to others. Feeling her heart yearn to be better only fuels my own desires to do the same. Seeing the joys we both find in common filled with authentic feelings exchanged.

My joy of running is never hindered by her presence in my life. Only to find her running the same area on a different path. Where the alley meets the curb and the next street is your only sign. The day we bumped arms was a day full of divine. Not out of need or lost in desire our souls begin to spiral. But as you run your way, I’ll see you again. A story to tell and some fame to claim.

Forcing partners to learn too much, too fast can also be a risk  for your honeymoon phase. So living with each other to soon and 24/7 contact is a huge change from what you are used to. The vibrations will be felt and covered with acceptance for a length of time. Until the time frustration outweighs the ability of your acceptance. But that won’t happen with us, cause we have started so slow. We got time and I love to see our hearts shine.

Forever True

Naturopathic Paladin

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