Do you Feel the Eagle Spirit in you?

Posted: June 8, 2015 in Signs, Spirit Animals, Trend
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If the Eagle comes into your Life, Its time you get back on your spiritual path.

  • Majestic the powerful animal that soars to great heights for great knowledge
  • Reminder to soar high in your goals, you can reach those goals
  • Messengers from the heavens and the spirit world.
  • Connected to the Sun, Inner fire in us. Enlightenment
  • Creativity and the creation of things. Tell you to soar to those creative aspects of yourself.
  • Seek out your true emotions and feelings. Do not be afraid to express them when needed.
  • The eagle’s feet are very strong and that reminds you to stay grounded.
  • Sharp beaks remind us of how much to speak and how sharply we speak
  • Wings represent the balance between the male and female energy
  • Trust the spiritual message to stay strong
  • Defeat your fears and look beyond the horizon and see all things as apart of life’s journey.
  • Psalm 103 mentions renewing one’s youth “as the eagle”.

Animal guides and totems choose who they appear to. It is possible that many chose you as you have a strong spiritual essence. I myself have been visited by the deer, orca, dragon fly, wolf, coyote, lady bug and many more.

The need more knowledge of the signs is forever increasing with all the chances to communicate with the universe. The moment you start observing yourself and the signs, you’re in the moment.

Eagles are an exceptionally common symbol in heraldry, being considered the “King of Birds” in contrast to the lion, the “King of Beasts”

The Moche people of ancient Peru worshiped the animal and often depicted eagles in their art.

The eagle is also the patron animal of the ancient Greek god Zeus. In particular, Zeus was said to have taken the form of an eagle in order to abduct Ganymede.

Wow! During a spiritual retreat, I saw a fabulous picture of an eagle which I sketched. It drew me in and now with this explanation, I understand why. Fly higher is the invitation!

-David Melco


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