The path of God?

Posted: June 8, 2015 in Signs, Trend
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Today was a rewarding day to start off…
Woke up feeling like a champion and ready to attack the world. Loaded with smiles and hugs I walk with faithful intentions to my fellow brothers and sisters.

I got to enjoy some time with a friend and speak about the history of the bible. Speaking of God and all his glory. Being told about all the lost books of the bible and some history on key characters. He reminded me to have faith once again in all I do.

Journeying to the bus stop I walked bast a beautiful church that shared a splendid picture of the clouds. Starting to lock me into a day with God when I notice the signs. Only to really notice the signs of life immediately when I get on the bus.


The man on the bus that started the inspiration to writing on the bus was loaded with a duffel bag of bibles. Holding a sign that says Jesus loves you and others. The admiration of this man to help and love people obviously had not limits. For he was on the bus where most of you won’t ever have to use or want to. The Gentleman was pushing his message out any way he could with the limitations set against him. Nothing was doing to stop him. He had a helpful and loving smile that screamed loving intention.

The man with a message

We have so many restrictions in this world to test us. When we fail, sometimes we take it to hard and blame our restrictions.  Most times it’s our own mistakes that creates the limit we cannot push thru. We are strong creatures and need to always keep that in the back of your head. You can be happy If you look at your ragged shoes and still love them. Find the blessings to everything you have been given or purchased.  Build a life based on your joys and not controlled by your fears.

Many of us shy from organized religion and I understand why. But that does not mean that there is not an overwhelming spire of power fueling our very existence. Start by having faith in yourself and look for signs… Believe in something and fill it with love.

Naturopathic Paladin


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