Understanding a Naturopathic Paladin

When I write, I am writing from the heart. I look back after a few paragraphs and check for obvious spelling errors and hardcore grammar. But my mind just flows and I get a huge relief doing it for a hour or so. Getting out all the things that I normally would vent to someone about. But being able to handle me and figure out what I think I can do to be a better being of light in this world. Removing all the projections and negative experience that others have to offer during my time of transformation.

I try to analyze my time of transformation in the past, noticing patterns in the universe that have tended to repeat and caused drastic change. It maybe different people, different place or different job that puts my universe out of balance. In a roundabout, same lesson as before it seems, but with harder questions. When you look at these patterns in your life and notice the synchronicity in the situations, do I feel/know that my spiritual experience is being nurtured and tested for my good?

I feel as if all the troubles my heart has been thru, either those troubles that have been self-inflicted by not letting go before the rope snapped back or those troubles that only the universe could have thrown my way. Maybe to protect me from potential spiritual and/or physical harm that awaits me if I proceed to soon or stay attached? Makes me wonder about why I can’t seem to find my keys sometimes. If i did find them right off the bat, potentially I could find myself in the wrong intersection at the wrong time. I don’t ever use the spare now after that thought. If I am late… Its meant to be.

I ponder a lot about when things are meant to be and everything happens for a reason. I really only think of those thoughts when my life is in heavy transformation mode (chaos). I look back and have never had those types of thoughts when things go right. It was more of a feeling, a feeling of deserving or worthy of a blessing I just received. I knew in my heart that it was meant for me. Never will doubts cloud my mind when blessings occur, just thoughts of joy and appreciation. Now trying to copy my emotions to feel the same  when I had a strenuous day. Difficult challenge I am learning to overcome day after day. I believe this will help me limit those types of experiences I don’t want to have if I don’t invest emotional in them.

Curing my own habits I distaste is a daily thing and positive thoughts of admiration & joy have been the fuel to journey. We have all gotten upset, jealous, possessive, needy or desperate a few times in our life when in a serious relationship. I bet a few of my prior relationships lovers have thought I was Coo Coo for Cocoa puffs. Its strictly a slang medical term, used to describe a person that has delved into a realm of irrational, illogical and/or crazy thought processes. I think “What was that realm like to experience and how did I find myself there?”

I felt alone and found myself relating to no one as I repeated out loud the event to every ear that would listen. It took me at least 20 different ears to process what had happen and what I should do. Getting so caught up on regrets of things I never did and things I can never change. I was a lunatic running wild with a broken heart, please love me dynamic and the question of why? Why did this happen to me… It seems when you have an explanation, pain doesn’t seem so bad anymore. We can tolerate suffering when we know why it is happening.  But is there a lessoned to be learned in my own question of “why?” When we are not provided a reason? Learning how to let go, or emotionally detach from the thoughts that fuel the pain has been a task I have humbly learned to negotiate these past few years.

The challenges of learning to let go of control on how things operate is something I see everyone of my friends faced with as I type this. Its repeating like a old record thru my life with ton and tons of signs! What are these signs that I have stumbled upon and see daily in my life? Well its simple and easy to start once you get in the habit of always thinking about the symbolism of everything your eyes see. I tended to forget to look objects or animals up on the internet when I returned home that day. So to counter that, I carry a small note pad that is loaded with Animals, numbers, colors and anything else I learn that is symbolically repeating like a beacon around me.

I have come to understand that each animal has a great symbolic meaning behind their presence on this earth.  I feel relates to us humans and our emotional states, taking time to admire the traits they display. Maybe view them as a role model we can learn from in this world and call upon them when we feel the need. When I see a animal, it comes out of no where and very persistent with its reminders throughout the day. Showing up time and time again that day only to trip me out when I google what a duck symbolizes.

You have the resources to navigate your life! Be that mentor, guide or interpreter for others! Share your knowledge and have faith in your own abilities. -Duck

The Naturopathic Paladin was started so I could have a place to put it all as I figured out issues in my own head. Hoping that some of the words I share or Blogs I find resonate a heart that needs it that day. Truly love knowing when someone found some keys to their life thru my efforts to aid my fellow brothers and sisters. I am not here to convince or control a mind, I want to make it think. I want to help you use it more often with your own thoughts and energy. Self-healing feels so much more permanent and simplistic than the substitution with millions of things other people think you should fix. I refuse the experience, to be spoken to as broken soul that needs fixing thru criticism. I am healed and a healer

Living in the state of now and manifesting are a challenge in this world and all its comments on what it thinks we should fix about ourselves. Same goes to our own judgements we pass upon others so harshly or silent. How are we helping those around us better themselves? Would you like to better the quality of people around you? Build up the team to be listeners and bringer of light.  Do this the same way as being on a baseball team, positive reenforcement, understanding, patience for others and a desire to Win.

So simple to view  with a positive light when the light(friends,family) surrounds you. But what if its dark, challenges come into play if your insecure about who you are and wear a mask to cover the scar. Maybe even worse, the advice being shared with you maybe a projection of issues that belong to whom you seek counsel in. Family is one thing that we have to deal with, but the optimistic friends and colleagues you keep around truly help your soul bounce back when it gets rough. I require that somewhat soft pillow I can land on when I fall. Those people who can truly see when I am faking a smile are the ones who make the most impact, while everyone else is so rushed with their day. I strive to remember them on days I don’t need  somthing them, just miss them. They always they know I love them and appreciate them for what they do in my life.

So keep asking the question everytime, why do bad things happen to good people. But stop looking for answers. Start formulating a response. Take your righteous anger and turn it into a force for doing good. Redirect your frustration with injustice and unfairness and channel it into a drive to fight injustice and unfairness. Let your outrage propel you into action. When you see innocent people suffering, help them. Combat the pain in the world with goodness and love

Always bettering ourselves, an awesome standard I keep and the company you keep.


Naturopathic Paladin 

Please share what you got 🙂

  1. Cathy says:

    Hi there – what an interesting blog. I use a range of healing tools myself so will be interested in the apophyllite meditations you mentioned on my blog

    Liked by 1 person

  2. emmiemudita says:

    thank you what you say resonates and gives me courage for my path before me, keep shining brotherman ❤


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