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The twist of my mind is very massive as of this moment. My next move, like an experienced chess player, has to be strategic.  My next move has to be smart. My next move has to be for my sanity and my heart. But my next move could be wrong.. my next move could change things.. the next move could take my happy away.. my next move could be the move that takes me forward but this move could also bring me down. What is my next move?

Meditation has helped this Paladin when times needed to be handled. Relying on your inner senses to choose the best course of action. Heres a video I tried this morning that could assit you in your process Chavez 🙂
Love you bud.



When was the last time you spent quality time with your child? How did they act afterwards?  Notice the change when they have a role model and when they are brushed off due to being busy? Do you see the tantrums increase the less you spend with them?

Many of us are so busy in our world that we forget to stop and smell the roses with our kids. Those roses will bloom and wilt just as fast as they grow up. Then what? Well you possibly missed out on a special part of your child’s life. Was texting or scrolling on facebook worth it?  Taking small bits of your time everyday away from your children. I feel many of us will feel the pain we created for ourselves when they arrive in the teenage era.

The era I think we call can agree was when we were most hard on our parents. Why were we so hard to handle? Well I may only speak for my own experience unfortunately. But I did not have anyone stable or consistently in my life. New family to learn from and get ready to go onto the next.

I never jumped on the trampoline with my family. Until  just the last few years have I been able to build a relationship with them. Since then I am very consistent in the people I love lives. I never had a good example of love growing up. I have had to learn how to love on my own terms. Messing it up a few times, but humble enough to fix my issues.

The kids need family and lots of love.


I remember when we scaled the hills in search of fancy rocks. Showing me the roads I never travelled. How did I not see them before, a light in the tunnel you are. Seems I have never seen them before and I have trekked the hills far and wide. I was baffled and stunned by your hidden wisdom. I saw this girl you want to be and I see it even more when you were with me. Looking true as a bee as you sift thru the rocks. Beautiful Queen you might just be to me.

A cabin full of plans and shack in need of fiber glass. A place we signed the names of ours brings joy and ease, but pushes me. It pushes me to believe you mean more to me, I wish you would see that the world was meant for you and me. I guarantee you got the best in the northwest. My heart is unmatched and my determination is on track. All these guys think they are so fly, but in the end I see you say Bye bye.love_hearts_pair-3840x2160

My worries are gone for I know it won’t be long. I have been soaking your heart so you know I’m not tart. I wish you to be right next to me, then one day ill be down on one knee. I’ll scream out please and ask you to be with me. Ill always be true and you will never see me blue. Because I got a clue what is true and will go through. So lets be the few who cuddle during curfew with the no need to ever sue. Me and you I know to be true.

I want the family you have already. I love the time I share and wish I was there for square. Forever I see my self next to thee, friends and lovers. You hide it from me but I truly see how you feel for me. You say you can’t date, but that’s not your fate.

That smile you have reaches out and grabs all that you will be and hopefully places you right next to me. Family is key and I wont miss my beat. No matter what you say Ill always lead the way. A step at a time will always lead me to a dime. Im not fake and all I want is you at the lake.

Enjoy what we have

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Enjoy what we have

First impressions was of a snob and of a mountain man
Then she became a pill to his creative side and he met her intellectually.
World collided , and they made a new planet
Then she was gone…
Boxing gloves came out and the next thing you know.
She was back at his side
Through triumph & trials it was obvious that these two were means to be together

Now may not be the time, but everything is so divine.

We enjoy the moments we have blessed as friends.

Like a family thats true and one day it will be me and you.

Wrote by Angel & Edited Naturopathic Paladin 

Living on the edge n Smiling

Posted: June 19, 2015 in Qoute, Trend

Spread the news of the fake fears this world is projecting. Listen to our heart and don’t let events send you into a panic. Laugh at them and know your worth when it’s challenged. Don’t let those whom pursue you topple over you with their intimidation. Handle your inner peace as know that thy can not harm you.

Be what you admire,
Be what you love.
Now in this moment you are safe and have something to bring you joy. Look around, don’t you see it?
You know what I am talking about, I know you do. Stop thinking about tomorrow and think about today.

What brings you joy now will make you joyous tomorrow.

Choose the joy, release the fear.

Hope all your days have been well and please share a joyous moment in your day Be it today smile emoticon

Fear has no place Now.

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Today is the day to let that fear slip away. Let’s be strong together and lift each other to the sky. Shower your friends and family with compliments today. Fear be gone… Love for all

Prayer Pilgrimage

“Fear keeps us focused on the past or worried about the future. If we can acknowledge our fear, we can realize that right now we are okay. Right now, today, we are still alive, and our bodies are working marvelously. Our eyes can still see the beautiful sky. Our ears can still hear the voices of our loved ones.”

Thich Nhat Hanh

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I believe that everything happens for a reason. People change so that you can learn to let go, things go wrong so that you appreciate them when they’re right, you believe lies so you eventually learn to trust no one but yourself, and sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together.

Marilyn Monroe