10 Steps to Handle Flakes

Posted: May 25, 2015 in How To, Relationships, Self-Love
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Have you ever made plans and get them cancelled on you…. and then you make them again only to get cancelled. The person does not even call and let you know to not waste the time waiting on them all day for confirmation. Letting the weekend go by that you set aside to help.

Steps to take:

1: Let it go and understand that your time is not that important to them. They don’t have to respect your friendship, but you don’t have to be their friend either.

2: Don’t give up your time again for that person after you feel the hurt. If you can without appearing needy.
Talk with them

3: Find a guided meditation on YouTube that attracts love. A universal love and not just relationship love.

3: If your really upset… guided mediation on acceptance, grief or forgiveness. It will help you get out of the victim mindset and moves into attracting the loyal friends you need.

4: Go for a run or swimming… burn up some of the chemical that can put you into depression. Cortisol….

5: You have cleared your thoughts and removed yourself from a victim mindset. See that they are the victims cause they don’t get to enjoy you or your time.

6: THANK THE UNIVERSE FOR THE PROTECTION IT OFFERED YOU. Things don’t workout for a reason. If it’s not happening… it’s not ment to be. Maybe you could have been hurt more later on in the friendship.

7: Admire and respect those who DO want to be In your life and respects your time. Shows you the same courtesy you offer.

8: You will never have to chase true love or loyal friends. Keep faith that your worth more than what they have to offer you.

9: Show grace to all you meet, but value your time.

10: Try to be better friends this week to those that are in your life and let go of those who are not to excited to be in yours.


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