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Badger Totem and Medicine

If you are experiencing badger medicine, you are likely in the middle of something intense, and you will not let go until it’s finished. This can be only for a period of time, or it can be the way you operate in life. Just be sure to use your aggression for good.

Defense – Protection – Independence – Confidence – Persistence in our Pursuits – Fierceness – Grounding – Individuality – Assertiveness – Self Reliance – Willingness – Determination – Eagerness – Strong Will – Focus – Strategy 

The badger has many things to remind us every day! find a way to remind your self. I like the idea of putting up posters to remind me of the power they hold.

If the will to fight to survive is what you seek, then the badger is the animal for you. This spirit has the aggressiveness that you seek to grasp what you desire in your life. The badger can see all the roots to the fruits of life while he sleeps in his little hole. Knowing the back door to everlasting medicine. Know to be the protector of medicine practitioners. Being able to respond quickly in a crisis is one of the powers the badger has to offer.

Badger is always willing to persist in it’s endeavors. Those of the badger are often times not appreciated by their comrades through life because they will be the one’s who insist on carrying the ball to the end zone. Strength comes from having Badger as your totem.  You will often be the boss, the one everyone fears. You will get the goal accomplished and keep the company afloat with Badger as your teacher.

Lesson From Badger Is: Aggressiveness

Lesson From Badger Is: Aggressiveness control it for the greater good of your soul.

Badger also represents alliances, so you’ll definitely need to make sure that you are not burning your bridges along the way.. Therefore, Badger Medicine is also about forming alliances with different people so that everyone can benefit. But do not be afraid to stand and say “enough is enough!”.

The Badger remind us of who we are and tells us when its time to come out and play with the world. So projects that you have been putting off need to be finished now! let the world see your great work at your own pace. Have faith in yourself as you walk your path.

Call upon the badger during your meditations and ask for the power it has in its spirit. find ways to remind yourself of the badgers powers every day so you can master the lesson to be learned.