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Noticing the changes

Posted: February 22, 2017 in joy, love, Self-Help, Self-Love

Living out our lives day by day and hour by hour. We dont see our changes that happen daily within our soul until we get that chance. That chance to have something to compare it too… difficult concept. Comparing yourself to a prior self and being able to notice the changes. Don’t ever compare yourself to others use yourself as a reference. 

How the heck do we look at ourselves in that prior mindset with the mindset we currently have? 

I believe we have two options and maybe more. But the ones that have worked for me so far;

Journaling — this gives me something to look back upon seeing a date and time remembering my emotions then. Most of the time when I use this method I end up staring at what I wrote and just off shocked where my mindset was at the time. After doing this several times I realized just how crazy I am. Sometimes it’s best to Journal and not let the world be exposed to things you can handle in your own mind.

Outside Support—  I recently had a chance to spend time with somebody who’s known me almost going on a decade. All the things my friend told me of the way I’ve acted in the past leave me in awe and shock. Disappointed in my prior self, but proud of this new me. When somebody who cares has known you a long time you can use this resource to better yourself. Ask them things that you could do to be a better person or better the relationship. Learn to vocalize your needs and emotions in a productive manner.

Cant do it all alone

We cant do this thing called life alone. Even with the Journaling tool. We still have a need to connect, a need to be understood, a need to feel wanted and appreciated. We can appreciate ourselves and we should!  But when someone else does it, it creates magic in my heart. Sparks a fire and ignites my world.  Do you let those around you know how appreciated they are? Make sure they do. Sometimes we forget to tell them and assume they know. As humans… we need to express that to each other.

Be open

When you ask for someones opinion. Keep in mind. That is THIER opinion. You can not argue with a opinion of someone. That is theirs to keep and mold as they please. We all have that right in life. But their opinion does not have to become your own. We have the power to better our selves and only the few will ever take advantage of that. When you start noticing the transition from boy to man or girl to woman.. You can take pride in your changes. Taking pride will boost self confidence and keep you grounded when others attempt to untack you from your goals. Be strong and vigilant as well transgress through our day!  


I write this while I am standing in the alley of down town Boise Idaho. I have 7 cents in my pocket and the biggest inspirations a man could ever have. I am going to accomplish my goals of living a life that I love. That starts every morning with my choices to make a difference in someone’s life. I have the joy of many dimensions when I can see the heart healing in a loved one. My friends know that my love extends to the deepest depths of the universe. I want you to do better and want our relationship to mean something. I want to be the role model that many people never had in their life. Showing you that we all have love in our lives. Finding that source and highlighting the strength of its power to attract more love into your life.

Right now all I can do is writing to you about the love I think will help you as it is helping me. I want to share the love I found in my pains and help you see your lessons to be learned. Living those lessons will boost your confidence when you face them again in your life time. They will serve as warnings for future shortcomings of your life.

I used to hear quite often of the hell my friends were facing. I saw the similarities in our experiences and grew with them. We all took charge of our emotional attachments and refused to experience that anymore. The last few weeks has been full of laughter and business. We changed our intention by redirecting our thoughts to things that made us full of joy.  I now walk by a person and feel the pull of the Universe when I am ment to interact with them.

Walking down the alley to come write this section. I saw a woman at a table outside a restaurant and her smile pulled me closer to her. I felt a shift in my surroundings. I like to describe it like a pull of my soul. The feeling when you are on the dance floor and that one person seems to pull your attention strongly. The urge to act or send a smile back is always overwhelming to my soul. I write a page or two and start my journey back down the alley to find the lady sitting with my teacher and friend. I said hello and explained why I have been gone from the world. I shared my journeys of journalism and expressed my dream with a few details.

My teacher wants to share his insight as well with the world. The only way to get it get done is to write and share it. It’s a everyday thing that needs tended to with proper intention. Removed from distraction and unattached from worldly pain. Its time that I struggle to find and still be able to provide an advanced messaged. The powerful ride we are enjoying is our choice, our reality. We can change it anytime we want. With a choice of love over the desperation of fear.

We need to be bold with our joy and be willing to express it . If something does not make you full of joy and  you can’t stand to have it around because the memories it holds. Let it go… Burn it…  Make room for something that will bring you joy. When I lost my job and found new love for writing. I was blessed with the hopes of helping people of this world. I was blessed to have this free time to do something not many people will ever do for themselves. I won’t be held back by the fear of rejection. I am making my way towards my goals and nobody looks to happy about it. That does not mean that I will not get there. No one has the right to tell me I can’t do something I can do after I made thru the struggles.

I am not going to work my body into the ground only to have to use the money to fix my body when I am older. I have a beautiful mind that can help people who have an ear to listen. Those people will see past the bad structure of sentences this book has. Any grammar that slipped past me on a late night write. Those people will give me hugs when we meet cause they feel me. They feel the struggle I share with them trying to be who we were ment to be. The world will beat us down time and time again, but we will get back up. When we battle the way to the top and build up our loved ones who has the right to oppose what you want to do?

We are better than we know or want to see. We create things everyday with our amazing minds. We should not be living in restrictions while pursuing joy. Do what you love… right now… Don’t wait for tomorrow.