The goose! Lets seee what he has to say to me

Posted: March 10, 2017 in Spirit Animals, Trend
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The goose reminds us that we often reach out to those we love, whether peers or family. When  we do this we must be sure that this is the choice we wish to make. Look deep into our hearts and see the truth we need to see. Do not start something you do not intend to finish.

When you see the goose, life is gonna take an abrupt change for a moment, do not fret. It will come back to its path.wp-image-2116412784jpg.jpg

If the goose is your spirit animal, you will often make sacrifices for the whole of the family. basing your choices off of what’s best for the family.

You believe that there is one special person for everyone out there and you will make a devoted and attentive spouse.

You ultimate manifestation is a good life for your family.

wp-image-855155809jpg.jpgMost times seeing a goose is a good sign of long companionship .

Strange when I see this animal and I take 3 days to write about it and its spot on for my emotions this week.

Darn.. next time I will look it up that day!

Believe in our universe and It talks to me..


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