How hard are you working?

Posted: February 27, 2017 in Self-Help, Self-Love

Life is so short… work your butt off

Today As I got a haircut, I saw a gray hair fall on my  pant leg… I did not know what to think.

My thoughts raced around like a bubbly little boy and then it clicked. I earned that gray hair. I might have got in while having patience for others. Maybe when I was training my dog and he was so stubborn. However It got there, I earned it.

As you go thru life, can you say that about yourself? Do you work your butt off every day and focus on your goals?  Strive to be that individual that shines and turns heads when they walk in. Its confidence that glows so bright for the world to see.  Have faith in yourself and this will encourage others to have faith in themselves.

Change the world, or be changed by the world


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