My heart is singing today, Can I share it with you?

Posted: February 20, 2017 in Trend

The Rough Sculpts the Spirit

So many rough things we go thru in life as humans. We learn to love as we hurt others in the process. We learn to forgive the trespasses others take upon us. We begin to learn to live a rich life. For many, this process takes a lifetime and die bitter sweet before ever understanding. Understanding our joys and needs. Separating them from our wants and desires.

True Friends

When you walk in a room and see a old friend, what is the reaction? Did they jump for joy and welcome you with open arms? If so, thats a person you need in your life. That is a person who will build you up and understand  why you do things. A friend who is not afraid to let you know when you are making a mistake. We all need to strive to be that good person in someone’s life. The joy you will feel from being a good friend is limitless… endless.


What about relationships? What about them? Same concept as a friend. Wouldn’t you want the same qualities that makes a good friend in a lover? Someone to listen to your crazy ideas and future goals. I can only speak from a male perspective but my heart sings when that girl looks me in the eye and smiles. It sings when I catch her looking at me out of the corner of her eye. Oh but my heart roars when she glides her fingers thru my hair. When you feel like the only 2 in the room and it’s almost rude. They way she asks me about my day, and questions no one has ever asked. When she makes me feel like I am the only man she has ever loved. When you meet a woman like this, you realised you never loved another.

Equally Yoked

If you’re a high achiever and always strive for success and personal satisfaction. Your fueled by the joy you receive from witnessing the fruits of your labors. THEN YOU MUST find someone who is equally yoked. They must have goals, ambitions and determination. If one is more than other, a issue will arise. Neediness of one will overwhelm the ambitious other. One can work to just get by or both can work to have more than enough.

Don’t Be afraid of Love

Love and love again. Why? Because it’s beautiful, amazing, terrifying and a rush of everything in between. You won’t get those feelings from anything else in life. We love fast many times and blame that failure upon love. No we need not blame anyone.  No one is offered a class in school on how a person should love. We learn off what we are exposed to. We ALL become better lovers with time and experience. It is very unfortunate that we learn at the expense of others feelings. But that seems to be the only way to learn. Quit Denying YOURSELF because of fear… Fear will Age you, fear will hold you back every time.


Seems now days that we can not be honest with our feelings. It scares those who don’t hear it very often. If I am interested in someone, I do enjoy the chase. But am getting to old for games, too old not to express myself when I feel something. I feel like I need to do this to test the maturity of the relationship. I don’t want myself or my partner to feel trapped in a world where their opinion does not matter. I would only want to be with someone who has ideas and different view point she can share. Life would be so boring if I made all the rules. Can we all work to be more open and not confuse that openness to being needy or desperate? Just because someone opens their heart to you does not mean they are desperate.

Can you talk to you friend without judgement? Can you see and feel their emotions and know that they are listening? These people are rare, they are not set out to prove anything. Many brilliant people listen more than they speak and we seem to not see this detail. Open those ears and  earn some respect from your friend. Let them know that it’s not a waste of time to talk about their issues.

Just do you

Did he or she just get overwhelmed by your presence or over compliments? I think so…

In these times when we are unsure of the outcome of a friendship or relationship we should just always resort back to just being ourselves. Keep pushing yourself to your next level. If they were interested now, they will be in the future. Keep building your life and life will happen for you. The tools will come into play for your joys to be revealed. Sometimes with that person or without that person. Friendships are relationships and relationships should be a friendship. Find that friend and don’t let them go. Time is all we need…

Seeing your Joys

Do you smile when a baby smiles at you? I believe that is the purest form of joy. Nothing more beautiful than a innocent childs smile. Play attention when you smile and feel those emotions. Those are key moments when your spirit is trying to talk to you. Its trying to tell you what will bring you joy. Take note to those minor details. Do you start laughing uncontrollably when a certain friend is around and tells you stories? Another Key moment… Hold on to those people who bring you joy… Those people will be there to pick you up when you fall.

Be thankful for EVERYTHING

I want to end this blog post with appreciation. If you are not thankful for the things and events that transpired in your life, good or bad. It will probably happen again, and again.. Until you learn. Then magically it is gone… We don’t notice when things go right, only pay heed when all is lost. Be thankful for the moments we share with others.. It may be the last you ever see them. Hold that kiss like it the last one you are ever going to receive, sometimes it is. Take a deep breath  and enjoy life with a thankful heart.

Those rough things we went thru, they made us who we are. They had to happen for something else great to happen. We had to learn the hard way for some reason or another. But those trials will give us the strength to lead others who have not experienced such a loss. Be an inspiration to others as they marvel  in your strength.

When all is lost and you can’t go anymore…

Know that someone, somewhere on this earth, loves you unconditionally.


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