The Chakra: INTRO

Posted: January 9, 2017 in Trend

7th. Base\Root chakra at perineum (felt at spine base) also known as the Kundalini or sleeping serpent. The Colour red charges this chakra.  Affects the adrenal system, the spine, the kidneys and represents your individual life force and energy. Security and safety

6th. Pelvica chakra at pelvis area Colour orange. Affects the gonads, reproductive system, influences your sexuality, artistry and creativity. Guilt can hinder this Chakra from producing pleasure. 🙂

5th. Solar Plexus chakra at stomach area Colour yellow. Affects the nervous system, emotions, influences your will power issues, (can make you overly submissive or overly dominant). Sun light can charge this chakra. Ones self power and self control.

4th. Heart chakra at chest area Colours green and pink. Affects heart, lungs, circulation, thymus gland, influences your personal love and unconditional love issues.

3rd. Throat chakra at throat area Colour Blue. Affects thyroid gland, vocal and bronchial areas, influences your communication issues. This chakra can be effected by lack of expression.

2nd. Third eye chakra at brow area colour purple, affects pituitary gland, eyes, ears, brain, influences your psychic abilities. Being here, in the now Will open this Chakra

1st. Crown chakra at top of head. Colour white. Affects pineal gland, upper brain, influences your connection with Higher Spiritual aspects and God. Releasing all attachments to the material world.

Naturopathic Paladin


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