How to Trust life and be blessed

Posted: November 22, 2016 in Self-Help
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Hello readers!

I recently learned a cheat code in life that i want to share. The next time you encounter a challenge or suffer a loss this article will ring in your mind. The gates of opportunity will be opned and shared with thoses who trust life and do not fret.

I recently returned home from a trip to Idaho. The trip was a blast and an opportunity to spend time with loved ones. The night I returned to my home I was confronted by a new person who had worked his way into my little home thru my roommate. For privacy sake, we will call him Skippy.

Skippy had a few serious insecurity issues that creates aggression in his soul. He was very fearful of strangers and lived in a constant state of paranoia. Some drug use was noticeable from the way he was acting. Felt sorry for him as human and bought him food, shared tobacco and allowed him to vent some of his issues. His heart was very torn by his recent relationship and she is all he spoke about.

One evening I had made plans to go an different city to hangout with friends. Skippy stopped me before I left and told me he had so much to tell me and apologize for. I allowed him to talk and vent his heart. Telling me that he was sorry for not being a very good friend. He also informed me that he stole a hundred dollars out of my jacket. I was on a tight budget for that month and had been wondering where I placed that money. I thanked him for his honesty and informed him we could talk when I returned.

The anger of my roommate grew deep with Skippy. Disappointed in every aspect of Skippys actions. While I was away he made Skippy work his butt off to earn back that money he stole. When I returned skippy handed me $100 and apologized again. This all happened so fast, seemed as if a test. A test to keep faith and my temper in check. Thru these calm actions my issues had been rectified. So keep some faith in your heart and forgive others often.


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