Master your Life w/ Appreciative Notice

Posted: October 16, 2016 in Self-Help
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Wanna learn a master trait?

Appreciative Notice
See your joys all around you each and every day. Count those eggs in your basket just so you can be thankful for each one of them. For each egg is a blessing and a curse in the same. Storing your eggs properly and nurturing the chicken who bestowed it. All things one must do to ensure a good outcome. But if one lets the egg sit unnoticed or unappreciated for too long, it begins to spoil.

The stink things make when we don’t appreciate them seems to foul up every aspect of our lives.  If we don’t appreciate the body, one will develop an oder. Let unappreciated animals roam and one will surely have a stinky home. Things we don’t show some appreciation too seem to rot on the shelves. Leaving us with the only option, disposal.

Have you been in a relationship that felt disposable at some point in your life?  Does this theory of unappreciated stink seem to effect our social life as well as our physical world? Lack of appreciation in relationships tends to lead to divorce and much worst some times. I think its safe to say the effect remains the same whether its physical or mental. Unappreciative actions, emotions or thoughts tend to end in rot.

So your very next breath…notice it… hold it… now release it with some appreciation.
Look at your life in this way. When you notice it, appreciate it.


Don't forget to stop and enjoy the view from time to time.


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