When its time to go

Posted: June 2, 2016 in love, Relationships
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Dreading seeing you because I have to leave. Dreading the moment our lips part  during our final kiss. My wee little heart is gonna burst into tears and resort to tons of beers! My spring has been loaded with smiles of joy. Thank you for running with love and not looking back.  Trusting your heart and openly loving. Scary moments when you realised you fell for my smile made me fall deeper for your soul. Trust me, this spiritual spiral is intense for me as well. But ill give anything to hold on to these butterflies.

So now I depart this desert Oasis and soon return to my sea. My sea of joy and harbor full of peace. Spinning fire on the beach and running in the rain. Drinking my coffee every morning as I watch them off load today’s catch. This peace is hard to compete and the sea lions never miss their beat. One day I will return, untill then ill keep spinning this love churn 🙂



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