Update #2 to Oregon Rainbow Gathering June 2016

Posted: June 2, 2016 in Rainbow gathering
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Rumorz of a split Rainbow gathering in Oregonian land-
June 4th thru the 12th
Official site as of june 4th!
Near Hebo, Oregon. National Forest Development Road 1024 Cloverdale, OR 97112 45.245254, -123.891375

2016 Regional Rainbow Gathering of Living Light in Oregon
There were 4 concensus at the Site Selection Council.
1. We are calling this spiritual gathering for healing and peace and we honor all beings of light.
2. We want to go home.
3. We block the Jefferson site.
4. We will gather at the site scouted outside of Hebo, Oregon.
There was a kitchen council there were 2 agreements.
1. Next kitchen council is on Friday in morning past coffee 10 am.
2. No kitchens or fires dug in until area coordination is couciled on.

North of Hebo, OR along HW 101 take Farmers Creek Road West miles turn left on FR 1024. Drive past some blocked off with timber access roads till intersection. Site requires close in/strategic parking and tight knit/planned camping because the site is small and the gathering could be big.

on the rainbow event page.

Naturopathic Paladin

Never been to a gathering? Check out this Mini manual

Read about my Experience when I attended the South Dakota gathering in 2015.


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