Leadership today… lets slay!

Posted: June 2, 2016 in Leadership
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Had a friend conduct a reading for me. These results were inspiration to lead today,  maybe you will lead as well. 🙂


Affirmation: I lead others, and in turn, serve a higher purpose ❤

indicates a time to lovingly lead and guide others who are less capable than you are. This may apply to your workplace, community, family, or circle of friends. You are being encouraged to have confidence in your ability to motivate and inspire those who accompany you on your path.

This also indicates a role as a leader in your field. You may choose to rise to the top of your game with your unique talents, or to lovingly lead others to a new-and-improved way of life. Eight way, it’s time to step up to the plate and adopt a position of authority, for you have a natural ability to lead.

In order to improve your current situation, you are being asked to adjust to, and harmonize with, the natural rhythm and cycles of your life – cycles that are encouraging you to be a compassionate leader. Remember, a successful leader leads alongside others rather than from above. Others graciously follow when you have their best interests at heart. So know that it is safe for you to lead the way.




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