All kids need is a little help

Posted: June 2, 2016 in family, Qoute
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When was the last time you spent quality time with your child? How did they act afterwards?  Notice the change when they have a role model and when they are brushed off due to being busy? Do you see the tantrums increase the less you spend with them?

Many of us are so busy in our world that we forget to stop and smell the roses with our kids. Those roses will bloom and wilt just as fast as they grow up. Then what? Well you possibly missed out on a special part of your child’s life. Was texting or scrolling on facebook worth it?  Taking small bits of your time everyday away from your children. I feel many of us will feel the pain we created for ourselves when they arrive in the teenage era.

The era I think we call can agree was when we were most hard on our parents. Why were we so hard to handle? Well I may only speak for my own experience unfortunately. But I did not have anyone stable or consistently in my life. New family to learn from and get ready to go onto the next.

I never jumped on the trampoline with my family. Until  just the last few years have I been able to build a relationship with them. Since then I am very consistent in the people I love lives. I never had a good example of love growing up. I have had to learn how to love on my own terms. Messing it up a few times, but humble enough to fix my issues.

The kids need family and lots of love.



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