5 steps to get the lovebug

Posted: July 16, 2015 in love, Trend
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I never met a wild thing who was sorry for its self. A bird will fall cold dead from abow, without ever having felt sorry for its self.
The movie JI Jane came to mind when ever I feel bad about the mistakes I have committed that leave some shame on my heart. We all make all faults up as we go and allow others to project theirs upon us.

Step 1: Release Fears and Mistakes

Release all your mistakes and look at them as lessons to be learned. Look for the chance to make them up.  You will repeat them again in life till you LEARN the patterns.

Step 2: Don’t be found wanting

In the movie A Knights tale the sane spoke was. ” you have been weighed measure and been found wanting”. You cant wish for the future and be here in the present. Your not respecting the present by being here but wanting to be there. Your Job Now Is The One You Need. Maybe a relationship is not right for you right now. Maybe your wanting is distracting appreciation of the moment.

Step 3:  Be about something.

Have hobbies and interests that you can share with a new friend. Spend some time alone and practice small crafts. Start running or kayak a river. But the idea is to do what what brings you joy that you can share with others. If you’re always looking at the newest artist or doing a unproductive hobby and look at your life wondering why you don’t have any skills. People don’t get good over night at things. They practice for years to become proficient.

Step 4: Be ok with being alone

Most people are searching so bad for a lover that they don’t even know who they are anymore. As we meet a person of interest some of us change and mold into this idea we think that person will like. In the end we seem to fail once those shadows are illuminated. Know more about yourself then you do people and you do thing by journaling. When you start to get lonely, start a bobby that you can meditate with.

Step 5: See the Joys Around You

Simple JOY of playing in the river with children.Simple JOYS of having a intimate conversation with a stranger. Simple JOYS that we had but never accepted. Simple JOY of admiring others talents or abilities. Know what brings you JOY my lovely friends. Smile your little hearts out and be accepted. We are beautiful creatures that are capable of great accomplishments. We have the pleasure of life

Naturopathic Paladin


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