The time we went to the hills

Posted: July 1, 2015 in Dating, Poems, Qoute
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I remember when we scaled the hills in search of fancy rocks. Showing me the roads I never travelled. How did I not see them before, a light in the tunnel you are. Seems I have never seen them before and I have trekked the hills far and wide. I was baffled and stunned by your hidden wisdom. I saw this girl you want to be and I see it even more when you were with me. Looking true as a bee as you sift thru the rocks. Beautiful Queen you might just be to me.

A cabin full of plans and shack in need of fiber glass. A place we signed the names of ours brings joy and ease, but pushes me. It pushes me to believe you mean more to me, I wish you would see that the world was meant for you and me. I guarantee you got the best in the northwest. My heart is unmatched and my determination is on track. All these guys think they are so fly, but in the end I see you say Bye bye.love_hearts_pair-3840x2160

My worries are gone for I know it won’t be long. I have been soaking your heart so you know I’m not tart. I wish you to be right next to me, then one day ill be down on one knee. I’ll scream out please and ask you to be with me. Ill always be true and you will never see me blue. Because I got a clue what is true and will go through. So lets be the few who cuddle during curfew with the no need to ever sue. Me and you I know to be true.

I want the family you have already. I love the time I share and wish I was there for square. Forever I see my self next to thee, friends and lovers. You hide it from me but I truly see how you feel for me. You say you can’t date, but that’s not your fate.

That smile you have reaches out and grabs all that you will be and hopefully places you right next to me. Family is key and I wont miss my beat. No matter what you say Ill always lead the way. A step at a time will always lead me to a dime. Im not fake and all I want is you at the lake.


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