Whats the book you got your eyes buried in?.

Posted: June 8, 2015 in Journaling, Self-Help, Self-Love
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From across the way the book so intense, and not a moment has gone by that your eyes have not removed contact with the pages. What could it be? What kind of person are you? How is that book going to change your perspective? So many questions that I wish would be ok to speak about to random strangers in the world.

I walked past a handicapped guy and a nice lady who was struggling to pick him up. I felt so sad there for a minute as I saw his face. Sending a ton of blessing to him… Filling his soul with the excitement I have in mine. I feel the compassion overwhelm me when I gaze upon him. I am so blessed to be able to run and jump. Eat my food without help. Type now on this very keyboard. I tend to forget how lucky I am when things go wrong. But I love to catch myself when this happens. The chance for me to learn something new about myself and keep bettering as a person. I bet the only thing this gentleman can do now is read and watch TV. I truly am blessed to be here today and well. Please tell me how you are blessed in the comments below.

I feel my eyes, they need to be reading or writing every day in order for me to stay sane. By bettering myself as a person and relieving some karma. Books are the key to our past and future. Sharing the knowledge we learn is vital in our struggle to live as whole. Charlemagne made sure that europe had access to books so they could read and write by copying the texts. Without this venture, many of us would not have been blessed with many books we have today. However short his rule was, his intentions of educating the world have pressed further than he could have imagine. Being the first holy emperor crowned in 800. He sent out paladins to educate and protect the world so it could evolve. Many kings did not want education for fear of uprising.

Books being banished or burnt down the libraries throughout history has helped us forget a ton of history. Leaving us with limited knowledge of what really has happened in our world. We are very limited with what we are exposed to as americans. We have access to only 10% of the real internet. If you really want to get going to the rest of the world learn about ToR… and the deep web…

Start reading and writing everyday. Think of it like a book to look back on when you are 80. Seeing what your thoughts were back then and compare to what you have learned. Giving a person that much more to reflect on. Educate yourself before you no longer have access to things.

Go in Peace today!


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