Its ok to run and be alone…

Posted: June 2, 2015 in Self-Help
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We come from a different world. Most people make a family and a living then they die. They fear of failing in their dreams. We are different then them. We know who we are and where we want to go. We need to see that we are unique.

We are being the right person we need to be and we define our value based off our self-love. We need to see that some people that give advice are not living their dreams. They are not investing in their minds yet they share insight that we can cherish, but with a grain of salt. We need to believe in our groals and not matter how hard it gets. Im gonnamake it.

You need to start reading and start getting to know your self. take the time to see how different your mind is than those of the negative world. Take the first step in bettering the world by doing it for yourself.

Some people aren’t ready for the next step and don’t be held back by their views. We know the need to better our skills in life. We must develop a rolemodel mindset for those we wish you keep around that struggle in an area we can help. We understand we can not help anyone till we are on the right track as well.

We take the time to be in silence and release out thoughts of fear. The universe will take them and renew them with love if you let go of it. I know we all feel like we would rather just wake up when we are their. But we are their in this very moment. With no job, no, car , no house and a dog I am still happy to be sitting here on the bus writing about how much I love my life.

I had tons and tons of income and plenty of free time to get myself in trouble if i so wanted to. Carrying the weight of the world was a task I thought that I had to complete. It still is, but in non-destructive ways now. Being able to offer support at the highest level I can. My words are the tools I have to help you know my friends. Let my love be felt when you read my words and reach out to me if you need support. My ear is always here to help guide a person to the freedoms I found when I fell flat on my face.

Like most people in this world. I ran away from my problems and recouped till a plan was formed. I feel sometimes that is needed if everything becomes too emotional and controlling your life. We all need a place we can find solitude in. I found mine in the woods of Idaho for the months leading up to the winter. Doing small runs for supplies every other week but resting on my skills to live. Breaking my point of stress and worries of life to just keeping the fire lite.

My friends and family send out worries to me when I ran. They would seek me out on the hill and bring me gifts to remind me that someone loves me still. That joy of seeing a human face was pure joy after being alone for weeks at a time. life in absence of people was a time to find me and understand a need we all have to connect to each other. Helping each other remember that we are not alone in this world when we don’t want to be. It’s only when we lock out our loved ones do we truly find ourselves alone.


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