Are you a woman in the 10%…

Posted: May 26, 2015 in Self-Help, Self-Love, Signs
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Are you a woman in the 10%? The other 90% are at home eating or staying stagnant with unhealthy careers. The 10% is the ones making themselves better everyday and filled with joy. They can’t afford college most times but use the internet to educate themselves. Investing in their minds and developing deeper understanding of love. They blow us men away when they teach us a thing or two.

We all have to have a job and 90% are content with being where they are. Lacking hope and drive to grasp a bigger design for self. The bursts of motivation from instant gratification provided from any addiction. The human soul being the biggest drug to any of us. Making some men wonder if she only loves him because she’s lonely. The 10% are not lonely, but content with everything.

The 10% of Women Strive

  • Experience to share and lessons that guide them
  • Substance and depth in their life
  • Self awareness, acceptance of insecurities
  • Composure and Confidence thru knowledge
  • Be who they are and let no man change them.
  • They are a positive influence when things are going wrong
  • Can admit they had a hard day but can heal from a hug
  • They speak of the good in people to others

They don’t compare themselves to others and know they offer a unique experience. The insecurities of their soul are not covered by layers of Mary Kay. They focus on being a better person and learning to live a richer life. They focus on making a better world that they can share with their partner. The way they display loyalty and to observe their mind work is sexy to our species. They fall in love with bettering themselves as a partner and attract what they become.

 You’re in the 10%

Seeing 333’s says the mind, body and spirit are balanced. Angels are amidst you and will guide you. Have confidence in all

  • Do you see repeating numbers like 333?
    • Taken time to research the numbers?
  • Do you notice a pattern in the animals you see?
    • Do you look up totem animal meanings?

Is my trust destroyed or is this a moment I can show how strong I can be in a relationship.

Its harder to have reasons to be insecure and choose not to.

You have a choice on how you are going to react to the situation.

You can choose not to put up a wall of fear and look for your new challenges

Strive to be better everyday, but most of all love.


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