While at the bus stop

Posted: May 19, 2015 in Trend


Running into old friends that have helped me so much in the last 2 years.  Still being there for me after all the dust settles I quite profound.  Finding true friends that are looking out for me and not there own intentions has been a task indeed. But each new day a lesson is learned from the good and the bad. Taking the maximum love and light stance I can possible in my current level of enlightenment.

Seems every day is  a new experience that can expire so fast. A lost chance to accept what you got to make room for new. Changing the mindset I had developed thru my childhood and military phase was actually quite simple. Once I look at the signs and listening to the sounds the earth has to offer. Learning the signs earlier in life… hmm the change I would be.

Being motivated to be better comes from my upbringing. Being able to run miles and miles at a time comes from lack of transportation as a child. I wanted to get out in the world and learn of it. Wheels never held me back from being able to get my dream in my pocket. I just needed to want it. Really want it with all my heart. Like right now it’s time to go home 🙂

Naturopathic Paladin


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