How to not HURT with love.

Posted: May 18, 2015 in Dating, Relationships, Self-Help, Self-Love
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Falling in love will increase neuronal activity in the areas of the brain associated with pleasure — the very same ones that activate with cocaine use. Using this knowledge to understand that love is a drug and the come down is the worst. That person we had in our lives every day is gone and left you needing a fix. A feeling that every soul on this earth will have a chance to feel. We all have lost someone they love to the worldly challenges a relationship faces.

Let’s face the facts about most of us and no one has a good track record for keeping a relationship. So to expect someone to stay with you forever is quite out of the picture with our modern-day lifestyle. Seeing most relationships last only 2-3 years before they crumble unless they get married or have a good understanding. Life is an experience and you don’t have to sleep with everyone you start seeing. Try to be a persons friend and you will last longer in their lives. Its experiences that we share that build the relationship most try to jump into.

I seek the wisdom of those over 5-6 years with a partner and would love you to comment tricks. how long you waited to move in together? General timelines for sex, i love you, etc that you can think of.

But its been a few months and that one you thought was forever starts not talking to you as much. The fire seemed to die down and all the ash is left. Feels as if the love you started to form went up in smoke and your alone sitting in the ashes.

All people have a choice in the first 6 months of seeing someone if they want to stay with them. Sometimes the incentives we offer up freely don’t attract what we think we want. They attract what we need to have happen to us. The problem is now your hurt and gonna have some walls towards the next guy. That’s where your fear will bring about that same pattern in every relationship till you see the pattern. Identify the fear and release it.

Learn to use the owl totem to help see past people’s masks. See that sometimes people are just selfish and don’t express their true emotions. They say what they think others want to hear in order to please their surroundings cause they in turn are not happy with life. Gotta love life and be infectious with your love. Finding a soul that is really happy and not gonna feed off your happiness is tricky.
I always build my life up for us and remember to keep doing it even when I meet a pretty distraction. We are all meant for our own destinations. When we get off path and become focused on the wrong thing or person. We can only hope the universe ends it before it does more damage than teaches. Let your spiritual development be your goal of your life thru all your trials. Know that if an influence is not good for your spirit, the guides will help you remove it.
  Fall in love every time. Over and over again and again. Even when it hurts and scares you silly. Because the benefits in life outweigh the risks. Because it’s beautiful and fun and painful and terrifying, and totally worth it
 I am fond of a saying I heard about a blast long ago that shattered my soul into thousands of pieces. They reached the farthest depths of space. Coming to form peice at a time in each new soul that I am destined to meet. Finding a little piece of my soul in everyone that I love. Some have had bigger parts, but all have a connection to my heart.
  1. Have you read Stan Tatkin, Wired For Live? Great read on this topic!

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