Relationship Secrets…

Posted: May 5, 2015 in Dating, love, Relationships
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Let’s apply “The Secret” principles here.

If instead of conentrating on your partner’s flaws,
you concentrate on the things you love about them,
you would be much happier in your life and would
be glad to have them in your life.

Instead of trying to change them, if you just accept
them as a human being, you would have peace of mind
and someone who would probably accept your flaws
also in return.

Staying in Love is a choice. The more you think
about the positive aspects of your relationship and
how much you love your partner, the more satisfied
you are and the happier you will be.

It’s like the Law of Attraction from “The Secret”.

You attract in your life what you think about.

So if you are in love, and you would like to
keep it that way, you need to learn how to keep
the love alive.

Love doesn’t take care of itself. Especially in
the early stages of a relationship (right after the honeymoon
phase). It will go away if you don’t care about
it and don’t give it the nourishment that it

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