You have got to be kidding me.

Posted: April 24, 2015 in Journaling
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Have to say…. this is really good taste of everyone’s daily grind. Quite interesting to read, I enjoyed the idea of having a blog that is more of a journal as a form of healing.
Thank you for sharing


So I planned on hiding this blog from everyone. Family, my boyfriend, friends I mean it was my councilor who encouraged me to even start a diary or blog. I decided to take the anonymous route to protect my identity and be able to write about ANYTHING. I told one person about this, my dead ex bf (aka sons dads) best friend. I didn’t even tell him my blog name or the site just that I was doing this.

My crazy boyfriend read the text and called me a liar and started acting like I was fucking cheating? Give me a break I made a blog that I didn’t want him to know about considering he will end up being close to one of the main characters other than myself.

He said “I guess you don’t need to talk to that guy anymore since you confide in him and not…

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