The Fall of Man

Posted: April 23, 2015 in Journaling, Mindfulness
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Absolutely love this… I notice every day that we’re always chasing to pay our bills or pay the rent or pay for some vacation. Hardly ever do we take the time to sit down and love what we got, enjoy what have before our eyes.

Prayer Pilgrimage

Many religions and cultures throughout history have stories of a “fall of man,” a moment in time when humanity lost the innocence of a child to seek out knowledge and power for their own self-centered desire.

The quest to be free from this “fall’ may well be said to be at the heart of mankind’s spiritual journey.

Many claim to offer a path to freedom; however, as long as one believes themselves to be on a path toward something, they remain under the illusion that what they want is not something they already have; resulting in a life that is never fulfilled.

The Truth is that we have been set free. We are free. You are free. The Truth is we have everything we need in God to live absolutely fulfilled and with unconditional grace.

The fall of man is an unnecessary excuse for emboldening the lie that we are…

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