Meditation & Maturbation

Posted: April 22, 2015 in Journaling, Meditation, Self-Love
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A Funny comment from a blog about Masturbation & Meditation

I sincerely doubt that masturbation would diminish your senses( if we’re talking about pleasure). I’d actually say it increases it. Most girls will have there first orgasm through masturbation rather than through sex. You become more aware of what you like, and what you don’t through masturbation. The only situation I could see your pleasure senses being diminished is if you’re masturbating really, really hard -with a grip like a vise. Because then actual sex wouldn’t be as tight as your cobra grip.

You’ll only feel bad about it if you think you’re doing something wrong.

I like to think all forms of meditation work and love to keep a journal to keep track of the process I am doing. I have a 160 page journal that I like to use in volumes of my life. Each book gives me 3-4 months of writing and then its time to start a new one.

Do you see things when you meditate? Look for the signs and document how often you do meditate to keep track of your spirit. Get one here!


Do you have addictions? Ask A Monk can help you out…


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