Remember your self worth…

Posted: April 20, 2015 in Healing, Relationships, Self-Love
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I love those who fight to be in my life. I tend to let those that make me feel as if I am fighting to stay in their life.. see it… feel it… wait for it… wait and wait… if they engage it’s real. No begging… no poor me… true joy comes to me when people show how much they want to be apart of me 🙂
Very thankful for the people who do all this without thinking about it. You remind me of my worth.

If you find yourself always listening to the issues of others, but never being able to express your own issues trials of life, look for the answer in their trials… then look at that friend and see how good of a friend they truly are. Ask your self? Do they deserve you and your smile? Do you deserve theirs? Make sure it’s equal and be a good friend when they need it


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