Gratitude Journal

Posted: April 20, 2015 in Journaling, Self-Help, Self-Love
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I recently started using a journal to keep track of all the blessing I could find that I enjoy or have enjoyed once in my life.

While driving down the road I notice Burgerking and thought, I used to like Burgerking. Before I knew how to Google ingredients of that stuff. But never the less,  it was there for me at one point in my life that I was able to enjoy it.  So I wrote down I was Thankful for Burgerking.

When we went inside Burgerking and the manager, a younger guy was doing a inventory while his employee rushed around busy as could be. We stood there for a few minutes while the manager was doing his inventory right in front of us. He noticed us and came to take our order and that’s when we found out the plastic cups cost 25 cents now days. Gezzz…

After our order was placed, I had the feeling of discontent in the service that manager promoted. So I had my gratitude journal on me and starting writing about a time that I had great service and got to witness amazing leadership on a management team.
Not even deal with my emotional attachment to how service should be…

Just a thought I do for better living..


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