Loss of a Loved one

Posted: April 19, 2015 in Death, Self-Help, Step By Step
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It is something that people on this earth will have as a experience in their life, that actually care. Losing a loved one will change everything about you. A forced change and Ultimate change of the mind. The things you once loved to do with them are now null and void. People try to relate but seems like no one is ever understood. Different scenarios or variables leave us feeling alone, seemingly attached to the details of difference.

If you lost your way, wondering  this world and consuming its energy. Maybe hoarding something, emotions, love, or anything that is meant to be released, renewed and returned.

WhatEver it is… Let it go… I let mine go… Feel it.. BREATHE it out…

Ok now its Released…STOP Thinking….

Let it work itself in the gardens of the universe and Renew itself.

We tend reflect what we want repeating in our lives good or bad. So we repeat all the possible good that could go wrong in our heads. Keep them thoughts positiveroland

So it returns to us again healed and rejuvenated…

In the form of new love 🙂

I think you will enjoy this video, it helped me to start releasing some it


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